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First Bail Review Hearing for Defendant in Rachel Morin Case


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First Bail Review Hearing for Defendant Accused of Killing Rachel Morin

Bel Air, MD – June 20, 2021 – The defendant in the Rachel Morin murder case will make a first appearance for a bail review hearing in Maryland on Friday at 1 PM. Victor Martinez Hernandez, the man accused of the tragic murder of Rachel Morin, is accused of raping and murdering Ms. Morin on August 5, 2024, while she was jogging on the Ma & Pa Trail in Harford County, Maryland.

Mr. Martinez-Hernandez will be extradited to Maryland today and booked into the Harford County Detention Center. The bail review hearing will be held on Friday, June 21, 2024, at 1:00 PM EST at the Harford County District Court, located at 2 S Bond St, Bel Air, MD 21014. The hearing will be conducted via Zoom, which means the defendant will not be present in the courtroom but will join the proceedings remotely from the Harford County Detention Center at 1030 Rock Spring Rd, Bel Air, MD 21014, just over 1.5 miles away.

Harford County District Court
Harford County District Court

(NOTE: If there is any delay in the extradition and the Defendant is not booked in time today, the bail review hearing will be scheduled for Monday, June 24, 2024, at 1:00 pm.)

Victor Martinez Hernandez is expected to be represented by the Maryland Public Defender’s Office. However, he retains the right to hire private counsel if he so chooses.

Attorney Randolph Rice explains what the Judge in Harford County will consider at the bail review, “Under Maryland bail review standards, a Judge evaluates numerous factors to determine if a defendant should be held or released pending trial. In the Rachel Morin murder investigation, the judge will consider recommendations from pretrial release services, the severity of the offense, and the evidence against the defendant.”

Rice goes on to say, “The Judge will also assess the defendant’s prior court appearances, family ties, employment status, and community ties. Additionally, the Judge will examine any safety concerns for the alleged victim, recommendations from the State’s Attorney, and the potential danger the defendant poses to the community. These factors collectively help ensure a balanced decision regarding the defendant’s pretrial status.”

Randolph Rice, Rachel Morin’s family attorney, will attend the bail review hearing with Rachel’s family. Mr. Rice will be available to provide comments after the hearing. In accordance with the direction of the State Attorney’s Office, the Morin family won’t make any comments before or after the hearing.

The state’s Attorney’s Office is expected to request that the defendant be held without bond pending the trial. Following the conclusion of the bail review, the next step in the prosecution will involve presenting the case before a Grand Jury with the aim of securing an indictment against the defendant.

Maryland District Court Case Number: Pending

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