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Truck accidents are extremely dangerous. Since semi trucks, 18-wheelers, and other big-rig vehicles are very large and heavy, grievous injuries disproportionately happen to other motorists when they are involved in truck accidents. The medical treatment required for these injuries can easily become incredibly expensive, to the point where insurance may not be enough to help the victim. Moreover, victims of truck accidents may be dealing with their injuries long after they are finished with hospital stays and physical therapy.

You do not need to deal with the aftermath of a truck accident alone. Our lawyers can help you fight for the compensation you need to get back to living your life after your truck accident. We are professional, competent attorneys who will fight for your case until every option is exhausted.

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How Do Truck Accidents Happen in Greenbelt, MD?

Truck accidents can happen for many different reasons. The cause of your truck accident is important to our truck accident lawyers because you can only get damages from a defendant who actually caused your injuries.

Ordinary Traffic Violations

Truck drivers are drivers just like any other motorist. This means that they are just as prone to violating traffic rules and laws as any other driver. If a trucker speeds, switches lanes when they are not supposed to or runs a red light, they can get into an accident and injure unsuspecting victims. Additionally, some driving maneuvers that may be safe in regular vehicles may not be in a truck. For example, if a trucker misjudges how sharply they are able to make a turn, the truck could roll over and cause an accident.

Drunk Driving and Tired Driving

Driving while impaired in any way is incredibly dangerous. Driving under the influence, or drunk driving, is a significant risk to other motorists, and that risk is exponentially greater if a trucker heads out on a route while drunk. Intoxication limits one’s ability to react appropriately to situations on the road, increases the chance of risky behavior, and slows down reaction time. All of those things are very dangerous when behind the wheel of a truck.

Poor Road Conditions

Road problems can also cause truck accidents under certain circumstances. Large potholes or protruding guardrails can either hit a truck and make it go off course or force a truck to make a dicey maneuver that causes an accident. However, it can be very complicated to sue the government bodies responsible for maintaining roads, so it would be advisable in most circumstances to find another party to sue.

Who to Sue in a Greenbelt, MD Truck Accident Lawsuit

There are multiple parties you may want to sue in your truck accident lawsuit. It very well may be that no one person or entity is responsible. There may be some shared responsibility for your truck accident. When you go over your case with our attorneys, we can figure out exactly who you should sue to give you the best chance of success in your truck accident lawsuit.

Truck Drivers

The most obvious party to include in your truck accident lawsuit is the truck driver. After all, they were in direct control of the vehicle when it hit you. Even if the trucker is not the most liable party, they should still be included because they provide valuable testimony that can help your case against another party.

Driver Employers

Additionally, you may want to include the truck driver’s employer. Under the legal principle “respondeat superior,” literally “let the master answer,” employers are liable for the conduct of their employees so long as the employee was doing a work-related activity. First, things the employee does while carrying out work duties make their employer liable. However, the employer can also be liable for some employee activity that happens outside of work. In legal terms, the outside-of-work activities that do and do not impose liability on the employer are called “detours” and “frolics.”

A “detour” is when the employee does something that is not exactly related to work but is related closely enough that the employer will still be liable. For example, if a truck driver hits you while pulling into a rest stop on the way to deliver a package, their employer would be liable for your injuries because pulling into a rest stop is a work-related activity, even if it is not going directly to and from a delivery destination.

A “frolic,” on the other hand, is an activity that is not closely related enough to work to incur liability for the driver’s employer. For example, if a truck driver hits you while driving their vehicle to go see a movie instead of delivering a package, the employer will likely not be liable because going to a movie is not sufficiently related to their job of driving a truck.

Manufacturing and Maintenance Companies

If your truck accident was caused by a defect, you should sue the manufacturing company responsible. This could include the company that designed the vehicle, truck maintenance companies, or the truck company if they do their own maintenance and repair of their fleet. A “defect” is something that goes wrong during the construction or repair of the truck or something that is wrong with the design of the vehicle. Improperly installed brakes, faulty electrical wiring, and defective headlights or rear lights are all examples of defects that can cause truck accidents.

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