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What to Do if You Get into an Accident with a Semi Truck on I-95 in Maryland

I-95 is one of the biggest shipping corridors in the country. Thousands of tons of cargo are moved up and down the Eastern Seaboard each year on I-95 through Maryland. Many of the truck drivers who drive this cargo work to do so safely, but some trucking companies and drivers put profits and speed over safety.

Trucking accidents can cause serious injuries that keep victims in the hospital and out of work for an extended period. These accidents can also be deadly. Victims of truck accidents on I-95 and their families are often entitled to sue the truck driver and the trucking company they work for to seek compensation for the injuries they suffered. For help with your potential truck accident case, call the I-95 truck accident lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras for a free consultation. Our number is (410) 694-7291.

What to Do After a Truck Accident on I-95

The very first steps of what to do after a truck accident have probably passed in your case. Ideally, you should get to safety by pulling your car to the side of the road, if you can. Then, call 9-1-1, get medical help for your injuries, and have police respond to create an accident report. If you were able to get pictures of the scene, these photos can help. Alternatively, police might take photos of the accident scene to help the victims. You will also need the contact information for the truck driver, any other people involved in the crash, and any witnesses who stopped to help after the crash.

Once you have this info, call a lawyer. the I-95 truck accident lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras can help with a Maryland car accident case by helping advise you on your next steps. In many cases, insurance claims are not enough to cover the cost of your injuries. Instead, you might need to file a lawsuit to maximize the compensation you can receive.

Suing Trucking Companies for Accidents on I-95 in Maryland

Truck accidents claim hundreds of lives and cause thousands of injuries each year. In some cases, these accidents can be attributed to the drivers directly. These accidents could be caused by dangerous driving decisions, drunk driving, or tired driving. Other crashes are caused by problems the trucking company created. In either case, you might be entitled to sue the trucking company for compensation after a serious trucking accident.

Trucking companies are ultimately responsible for mistakes their drivers make behind the wheel in many cases. the victim can sue the truck driver who caused the crash directly, but the trucker might not be able to afford the damages. To cure this, injury victims can usually sue the trucking company as well. the trucking company can usually be held liable for any injuries their employee causes while working within the scope of their duties.

Victims can also sue trucking companies directly for the mistakes they make. Trucking companies are required by law to avoid overloading their trucks, to limit their drivers’ hours, and to ensure that their trucks and drivers are safe to go out on the road. If the trucking company fails to properly maintain their trucks, misloads the cargo, overloads the truck, or fails to screen their drivers, accidents could happen. Violations of trucking regulations can satisfy elements of a truck accident injury case, helping victims hold the trucking company responsible.

Damages for Truck Accident Injuries from Accidents on I-95

Victims of trucking accidents could be entitled to substantial damages after a crash. the physical injuries the victim faces – and the mental harm they face – can be compensated. Damages for pain and suffering can make up one of the most substantial parts of an injury lawsuit for truck accident injuries. However, these damages are not available in an insurance claim. This means that victims often need to go to court to get these damages and other damages they are entitled to.

Truck accident victims are also entitled to claim compensation for any financial harms the accident caused them. This primarily includes compensation for medical bills and lost wages. If you were injured through no fault of your own, you should not have to pay for the effects of the injury. To correct this injustice, courts can order at-fault drivers and trucking companies to pay for all of your medical bills. This can include the cost of mental healthcare to treat PTSD or rehabilitation and physical therapy to treat the ongoing effects of an injury as well as emergency treatment after the crash. They can also order at-fault parties to pay for any wages you will miss because of your injuries. This includes wages missed during your recovery as well as ongoing lost wages for a disability or permanent injury.

If a loved one died in a truck accident on I-95, you might be entitled to additional damages for the loss. This could include damages that your loved one would have been able to sue for if they survived, such as pain and suffering. You can also claim damages that your family now suffers from the loss, such as the cost of burial and funeral expenses, lost wages, lost companionship, and more.

Call Our Injury Lawyers for Truck Accidents on I-95 in Maryland

Talk to an attorney about what your case is worth. Many trucking companies and their insurance companies work to shut down cases early or pay low-dollar settlements to protect their bottom line. Get help from a lawyer who is on your side to help you understand what your case is worth, file your case on time, and fight to get you the compensation you need. For a free legal consultation on your case, call the I-95 truck accident injury lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras today. You can reach our Maryland truck accident victim lawyers at (410) 694-7291.