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One of the most frightening kinds of injury claims is medical malpractice. These cases can be difficult to deal with because medical negligence and the resulting injuries can feel very violating and traumatic for plaintiffs.

Identifying instances of medical malpractice is arguably one of the hardest parts of a medical malpractice case. Not all medical mistakes or complications are considered malpractice. To determine if you experienced malpractice, an attorney can help you measure your case against the standard of medical care. Potential damages often comprise current and future medical costs, physical pain, emotional anguish, and other injuries or losses. Much of the evidence to support your case will come from medical records. Having these records evaluated by a medical expert who can testify in your trial is often necessary. It is best to hire an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to assist you, as substantial compensation might be on the line, and the legal process can be extremely difficult and complicated.

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What Does Medical Malpractice Look Like in Laurel, MD?

Not all medical complications or instances of treatment gone wrong are considered malpractice. Unfortunately, some patients do not respond well to treatment, or their condition is extremely difficult to treat successfully. However, medical malpractice might be involved if you were hurt or your condition worsened because of the doctor’s negligence.

Medical malpractice is generally defined as medical treatment that does not meet the standard of care. The standard of care tends to vary between cases, as standards might differ depending on the patient’s condition and diagnosis. Often, we measure medical negligence based on what other doctors would do. If a reasonable doctor in the same situation would not have made the mistakes your doctor made, your doctor might have been negligent.

Some common examples of medical malpractice include misdiagnoses, failure to provide treatment, and surgical errors. While misdiagnoses are not all too unusual, they may be rooted in negligence if the doctor reasonably should not have made such a mistake. Failure to treat might involve negligently choosing the wrong course of treatment, and surgical errors can have lasting consequences on a patient’s mind and body.

Possible Damages in Medical Malpractice Claims in Laurel, MD

In a medical malpractice case, the damages might be significant. An important part of your damages is medical costs. You should claim the costs of the medical care that injured you and future medical care to treat the injuries inflicted upon you by the defendant. Considering the cost of medical care today, your medical bills might be worth a very significant sum.

Many people injured by negligent doctors never fully recover. Their injuries might be so serious that they are left permanently disabled. Unfortunately, many of these people cannot return to work and earn a living to support themselves. In such cases, plaintiffs can claim lost earnings and wages, including lost future earnings, as part of their damages.

Your damages may also consist of injuries and losses based on painful experiences rather than costs and expenses. The physical pain many plaintiffs endure because of negligent doctors can be unbearable, and they deserve fair compensation. On top of that, the emotional toll of medical malpractice might be significant. For example, after suffering from surgical errors, plaintiffs often feel deeply violated, as they were hurt when they were most vulnerable by someone they trusted to help them.

While non-economic damages may be significant, they are limited under Md. Code Cts. and Jud. Proc. § 3-2A-09(b)(1). The limit is increased yearly, and it is $875,000 in 2023. Economic damages are only limited by your actual expenses and may be as high as necessary.

Finding Evidence to Support Your Claims of Medical Malpractice in Laurel, MD

Much of the evidence in your case will be based on your medical records. Since the main issue here is medical negligence, your medical records might be the lynchpin holding your case together. Obtaining your medical records should not be a problem, as you have a right to request copies of your records. If the defendant refuses to provide these records, our medical malpractice attorneys can help you compel discovery.

Since medical negligence and injuries tend to be very complex, we will likely need the help of a medical expert. Preferably, our expert should have experience with patients with conditions like yours. According to Md. Code Cts. and Jud. Proc. § 3-2A-06D(a), we need a certificate from a qualified expert attesting to the medical negligence. Without this certificate, your case might not move forward.

Reasons You Should Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Laurel, MD

Although the law does not require a plaintiff to be represented by a lawyer, you should only move forward with your case once you have hired an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Otherwise, you might encounter legal hurdles you are unprepared for.

First of all, you might still be recovering from your injuries. Trying to navigate the complex legal procedures involved in an injury lawsuit is difficult as it is without the added hurdles of physical injuries and pain.

Second, the legal procedures involved in medical malpractice are very complex, and you should have a skilled and experienced attorney to assist. Minor mistakes can have big consequences in the courtroom, and a lawyer should be there to help you.

Damages might be very high, and much compensation might be on the line. You do not want to risk losing the large compensation award you desperately need by handling your case alone. As said before, mistakes are easy to make when you do not have a lawyer, and you might miss out on serious compensation without a lawyer.

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