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One moment, you are walking down the street or across a parking lot, and the next thing you know, you are on the ground in immense pain. This is the unfortunate reality for many pedestrians injured by negligent drivers. If this happens to you, get help immediately and call a lawyer.

If you ever get hit by a car, you should immediately call for emergency help. Get to a hospital, talk to the police, and call a lawyer to discuss how you can get financial compensation. Many pedestrian accidents occur in parking areas, crosswalks, or sidewalks along busy streets. Negligent drivers might be distracted, speeding, or intoxicated. A lawyer can help you use these details to get compensation to cover your damages. You might file insurance claims, a lawsuit, or reach a settlement with the negligent driver. Your time to file a case and claim compensation might be running short. You only have so much time to file your case with the courts before your right to bring the cause of action expires.

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What You Should Do if You Are Hit by a Car in Laurel, MD

Being hit by a vehicle is probably every pedestrian’s worst nightmare. You might be badly hurt depending on where and how the crash happened. Many injured pedestrians spend years recovering from their injuries. Many others never fully recover.

First, you should call for help. If you can, call 911 and have an ambulance and the police sent to your location immediately. If you are so badly injured that you cannot call for help on your own, the driver who hit you or someone else at the scene should make the call.

Get to a hospital immediately. Even if you can get back up after being struck and feel uninjured, go to a hospital. You might have internal injuries that you do not realize right away. Getting immediate medical care will also help keep your hospital records as accurate as possible. This is important if we need those hospital records as evidence of your injuries in a lawsuit or insurance claim.

When you are able, talk to the police about the accident. The police should collect evidence and information to write a formal crash report. You should give them your side of the story. Otherwise, the report will only reflect the version of events given by the negligent driver who hit, which might not bode well for your case.

Finally, contact an attorney to discuss how to get compensation. Do not wait too long to contact our pedestrian accident lawyers, as you have a limited time to file a claim. Also, evidence of the accident and the defendant’s negligence might disappear over time. Getting started sooner rather than later is ideal.

How Pedestrian Accidents Sometimes Occur in Laurel, MD

When people think of pedestrian accidents, they sometimes think of reckless pedestrians crossing busy streets without checking for traffic. The harsh reality is that pedestrian accidents often happen in places where traffic is slower because drivers usually let their guard down. They also happen in places where pedestrians have every right to be. More often than not, negligent drivers are responsible for pedestrian collisions.

Distracted or speeding drivers are a huge problem for pedestrians. If drivers are not paying attention to the road, speeding, or both, they are far more likely to hit someone. For example, a distracted driver might not notice the light turn red, so they hit pedestrians in an intersection. Where your crash happened might shed a lot of light on how the driver is responsible.

A lot of accidents happen in parking areas. You might be walking through a busy parking lot at a shopping mall or walking to your vehicle in a parking garage. Vehicles are usually moving slower in these kinds of places, and since drivers are technically not on the road or highway, they tend to be less careful. People are hit by cars in parking areas all the time.

Another common place for pedestrian accidents is a crosswalk or intersection. Drivers should always watch out for lights and signs in these places. Signs might indicate whether drivers must yield to pedestrians or if pedestrians must yield to oncoming traffic. If lights indicate pedestrians may cross, vehicles must stop.

Sometimes, pedestrians are hit by cars in places where cars ordinarily are not allowed. A speeding or drunk driver might lose control of the car and run up on a sidewalk full of pedestrians. This is a really unfortunate situation that is more common than people realize.

Ways You Can Obtain Financial Compensation for a Laurel, MD Pedestrian Accident

An attorney can help you explore legal options for compensation for your damages and other injuries.

Insurance Claims

People often file auto insurance claims after a car accident, but what if you were not driving a car? Even though a pedestrian accident only involves one vehicle and you were not driving, you can still file a third-party claim against the other driver’s auto insurance. If they are uninsured, you can rely on your auto insurance. Still, you might have optional insurance policies like MedPay or uninsured motorist coverage to help you cover your expenses.

Filing a Lawsuit

If insurance is not enough to cover your damages or there is no insurance, talk to a lawyer about suing the negligent driver for your damages. Whether or not they are insured, the other driver may be required to pay your damages if they are held liable in a court of law. Be prepared, as lawsuits tend to be time-consuming and difficult endeavors. We need strong evidence supporting your claims and must be prepared with equally strong and effective legal arguments.

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