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Motorcycle accidents are known for being extremely dangerous, and riders tend to suffer severe injuries and damages. Recovering physically and financially from such a crash is difficult, but a lawyer can help ease your burden by filing an injury lawsuit.

If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, you should speak to an attorney about damages and compensation as soon as possible. The statute of limitations on many personal injury claims is only 3 years in Maryland, and time is of the essence. There might be numerous possible causes of motorcycle accidents, but commonly cited factors include distracted drivers, drivers who ignore motorcycle riders, and high rates of speed. Evidence to prove your claims against the defendant might include evidence from the accident scene, such as photos or videos, medical records, and witness testimony. Your case might involve significant damages related to monetary costs and emotional suffering, and a lot of compensation might be at stake.

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When You Should Speak to a Lawyer About a Motorcycle Accident in Laurel, MD

After a motorcycle accident, you likely need some time to get medical treatment, rest, and at least somewhat recover before you do anything else. However, it would be best to speak with an attorney about potential legal action sooner rather than later.

The statute of limitations in Maryland for personal injury claims is only 3 years under Md. Code Cts. and Jud. Proc. § 5-101. This means that a motorcycle accident victim has only 3 years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit against the other driver for damages. Although several years might seem like plenty of time to file your lawsuit, you should give your lawyer as much time as possible to prepare.

Discussing your case with a lawyer is a good idea, even if you are unsure if you have a valid legal claim. Many plaintiffs do not know much about the legal side of their claim. They only know they have been injured, have significant damages, and want the person responsible to pay. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can advise you on issues of law and legal procedures.

Common Causes of Laurel, MD Motorcycle Crashes

Knowing how your accident happened is key to understanding why the defendant should be held liable and how to find evidence to prove it. Although motorcycle crashes tend to be unique and might have any number of causes, several factors tend to be more common and should be discussed with your lawyer.

Distractions on the road are a huge problem. Unfortunately, many drivers find themselves distracted by cell phones, GPS devices, and conversations with passengers, or they lose focus because they are tired. It only takes a few moments of inattention on the road for a driver to hit a motorcycle rider and cause serious injuries.

Many drivers cause accidents because they do not see motorcycles on the road even though they are in plain view. This is a strange yet common problem plaguing motorcycle riders. When drivers ignore them, they are more likely to get hurt even though they have taken precautions to be safe and visible on the road.

One of the most dangerous factors in motorcycle accident cases is speed. Motorcycle riders are already susceptible to injuries because they are not protected by an enclosed vehicle. A minor accident between two vehicles could be very bad for a motorcycle rider. Injuries might be even worse if the negligent driver is speeding when they hit the motorcycle rider. For example, a rear-end crash at a high rate of speed could send a motorcycle rider flying.

Evidence to Prove Your Claims in a Laurel, MD Motorcycle Accident Case

The evidence you need to convince a jury that the defendant is liable for the accident may vary based on the nature of your crash. A good place to begin is the area where the accident occurred.

Many drivers, riders, and even passersby take photos of accident scenes. These photos are often intended for insurance companies. However, these photos may also be used as evidence in a courtroom. Photos might be important if the defendant disputes certain facts about the accident scene or denies being involved. Photos can quickly get us to the truth.

Medical records may be helpful when we have to prove the extent of your injuries. We cannot just claim that you were injured. We also need to show how bad your injuries were and how they were inflicted. Medical records reviewed by a medical expert may be extremely helpful, especially if you have no outwardly visible injuries by the time your trial date arrives.

Motorcycle accidents might involve numerous witnesses who can provide testimony about the crash. The more people who back you up and testify about how the defendant caused the accident, the better for your case. Finding witnesses can be difficult, but police reports might have witness information from when the police investigate the incident.

How Much Compensation Your Motorcycle Accident Case Might Be Worth in Laurel, MD

Since motorcycle collisions tend to be very injurious for riders, damages are usually significant. You should discuss the financial side of your case, such as the money you spent after the accident, and the emotional or psychological side of things, as they both may warrant compensation.

You might have steep medical costs after being injured in a motorcycle crash. Riders sometimes need surgery, X-rays, physical therapy, medication, and other medical treatments that are not cheap. You should also account for any loss in income resulting from being unable to return to work after the crash. Finally, the cost to replace your damaged motorcycle should be included in your damages.

Motorcycle accidents tend to be severe, which can also be traumatic for the people involved. Many people find A near-death experience very hard to cope with, and you might experience psychological or emotional injuries. Depression, PTSD, anxiety, and an underlying fear of being back on the road are possible. The defendant should have to compensate you for all that you have gone through.

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