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Car accidents happen all the time. As rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have exploded in popularity across the country, more and more accidents are involving rideshare vehicles. If you are in such a crash, contact an attorney after getting medical attention.

Accidents with Uber and Lyft might stem from a broad variety of highway negligence, and the rideshare driver or other drivers might be held responsible. The companies behind these rideshare apps are often shielded from liability. When taking legal action, talk to your attorney about the extent of your injuries and damages. Medical bills, property damage, emotional distress, and other injuries should be considered for compensation. To support your claims for these damages, we need evidence demonstrating the defendant’s negligence. Photos from the crash, security camera videos, witness testimony, and anything else we think is relevant should be gathered as quickly as possible.

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How Uber and Lyft Accidents Might Happen Around Laurel, MD

Accidents on the road can be tricky to investigate because there are innumerable ways in which an accident might have occurred. We might need to work with law enforcement in their investigation of your accident to determine precisely what caused it and who should be held legally responsible.

Hasty drivers are a common problem in accident cases involving Lyft or Uber. People who drive for rideshare services are often paid based on how many trips they complete. The more trips a driver finishes in a day, the more money they earn. This often incentivizes drivers to speed and be less cautious so they can get people to their destinations faster so they can pick up new passengers. Unfortunately, this often leads to crashes.

Driving at night is another big problem. Many rideshare drivers work at night, and they often pick up riders coming from parties, bars, or late shifts at work. It is not unusual for drivers to become overly tired, especially if they are driving during the wee hours of the night into the early morning. A tired driver is a serious risk factor, and they might doze off and cause a crash.

Sometimes, drivers are distracted, causing them to lose focus on the road and collide with other cars or stationary objects. Distractions are especially problematic in accidents with Uber or Lyft drivers because they rely on their phones. They have to have the rideshare app open while they are driving to communicate with riders and pick people up. Drivers sometimes become too distracted by their phones and crash.

People Responsible for Lyft or Uber Accidents in Laurel, MD

After a bad accident, injured victims sometimes look for a single person to hold accountable. While one person is responsible in some cases, multiple people might be responsible in others. Our Lyft and Uber accident lawyers can review your case with you and help you figure out who caused your accident and how to get fair compensation for your damages.

Uber or Lyft Drivers

Many of these collisions are caused by Lyft or Uber drivers. Because these drivers rely on their phones to work, they are often distracted by their phones and driving apps while on the road. Combine this distraction with hasty driving to complete as many rides as possible, and you have the perfect recipe for a bad accident. We can help you prove that Uber or Lyft drivers are to blame for the crash by using details from the accident scene, talking to witnesses, and reviewing police reports from investigators.

Other Drivers

Rideshare drivers are not the only ones on the road who might be at fault for an accident. In many cases, the negligence of multiple drivers comes together to cause an accident. Perhaps your Lyft driver was speeding or distracted by their phone while a driver in another car cut them off or swerved suddenly into their lane. Because both drivers were being careless, both may be held accountable.

This can be a tricky situation when more than two vehicles are involved. Multi-vehicle accidents often involve drivers all pointing the finger of blame at each other while denying any wrongdoing. It might take time, but we can get to the bottom of things and get you the fair compensation you need.

The Rideshare Companies

Although it is tempting to take legal action against the rideshare companies that arguably help create some of the dangerous conditions that can lead to Uber and Lyft accidents, it is often not possible. Generally, an injured victim can sue an employer if an employee’s on-the-job negligence caused injuries. However, Uber and Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors, not employees. As such, the rideshare companies these drivers work for enjoy protection from legal liability in most cases.

Damages Available in a Laurel, MD Uber or Lyft Collisions Case

Damages in vehicle accident cases can be quite high when injuries are severe. Depending on the extent of your bodily injuries, you might incur significant medical debt. If your injuries come with long-term complications, you might need ongoing care that might last well past the trial. In such a case, we can help you claim the cost of current and future medical treatment.

We should also consider how your injuries affect your ability to work. It is normal for people to take time away from work after a car accident. The longer you are out of work, the more income you might lose. Your lost income should be factored into your claim for damages.

After serious collisions, victims often live with feelings of fear, panic, and anxiety. Some accident victims actually experience PTSD symptoms. You might live with these feelings for weeks, months, or even years. Even though these experiences are not tied to money, they should still be financially compensated.

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