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With the ease of use and payment, Uber and Lyft have become more popular throughout Lutherville-Timonium and the surrounding area. Whether people need a ride to work or home after a night out, rideshare services provide a fast and efficient means of transportation. However, along with the increased use has come an increase in accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers.

Our Lutherville-Timonium, MD Uber and Lyft accident lawyers at the Rice, Murtha & Psoras are committed to holding irresponsible rideshare drivers accountable if they cause an injury to a passenger, motorist, or pedestrian. If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident involving a Lyft or Uber, call (410) 694-7291 to schedule a free consultation and review your legal options.

Common Reasons for Uber and Lyft Accidents in Lutherville-Timonium, MD

If you are a passenger in a Lyft or Uber, you share the same risks as any other motorist on the road. Drunk driving, reckless driving, and road rage contribute to the many accidents on Lutherville-Timonium roads and highways. However, because of the business practices involved with rideshare, Uber and Lyft drivers present additional risks to their passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians.

Distracted and Reckless Uber and Lyft Drivers

One of the selling points of a rideshare service is the speed at which a potential rider is paired with a driver. To accomplish this, both Uber and Lyft utilize a system that allows their drivers to contact and contract a new assignment before they have dropped their current passenger at their destination. Known as “forward dispatch,” this system creates additional risks.

First, it requires the driver to operate their smartphone app to communicate with a potential client. Usually, the same driver is using their GPS to find the destination their current passenger desires.

This conduct distracts the Uber or Lyft driver from safely operating their vehicle. In addition to the distraction, it is not uncommon for a rideshare driver to take unnecessary risks to cut down the time between the drop-off and their new pickup.

Individually and combined, this behavior endangers other people. Our Lutherville-Timonium attorneys are committed to holding Uber and Lyft drivers accountable for any reckless behavior.

Tired and Overworked Drivers

Every Uber and Lyft driver is looking to make money. the more time they spend on the road, the more rides they will provide. Often, a rideshare driver will be on the road to the point of exhaustion.

When tired, an Uber or Lyft driver is more likely to make an error that results in an accident or injury. Sometimes, they might turn to an artificial stimulant to stay awake longer. While this might keep them awake, it will comprise a Lyft or Uber driver’s physical and mental capabilities.

A taxi service will regularly maintain and inspect the vehicles used in their fleets. However, drivers for Lyft and Uber must supply their own cars. While both companies have prerequisites for utilizing their platforms, neither has a system of ensuring drivers maintain their vehicles in a safe operating condition. it is not uncommon for an accident to occur due to poor maintenance on the car, such as faulty brakes.

Suing Lyft and Uber Drivers for Accidents in Lutherville-Timonium

Uber and Lyft consider their drivers independent contractors. Because of this business relationship, it is legally challenging to hold either Uber or Lyft liable for the conduct of their contractors. Typically, a personal injury claim will be filed against the driver and their insurance carrier.

Personal injury claims arising from an Uber or Lyft accident are the same as nearly every lawsuit. To hold a driver liable for your injuries, you must show that they were negligent. To prove negligence in a Lutherville-Timonium court, you need to establish four elements.

  • The Uber or Lyft driver owed you a duty of care
  • The conduct of the Uber or Lyft driver was a breach of their duty
  • Your injuries were a direct result of the breach of duty
  • Your injuries resulted in actual damages

Our Lutherville-Timonium, MD personal injury attorney will work with the physical evidence, police reports, witness testimony, medical records, and your healthcare providers to try to establish each of the required elements.

Liability and Compensation in Lutherville-Timonium, MD Accidents involving Uber and Lyft

If you were a passenger in a Lyft and were in an accident caused by another driver, you can sue the other driver and their insurance provider. However, if the rideshare driver caused the accident, things are more complicated. You should retain our Lutherville-Timonium, MD Uber and Lyft accident lawyer to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Uber and Lyft will deny liability for any accident or injuries because they consider their drivers independent drivers and only provide the technical platform to connect drivers and riders.

Typically, a lawsuit would be filed against the rideshare driver and their insurance company. Even so, our experienced Lutherville-Timonium attorney will contact either Uber or Lyft to preserve any evidence of your trip that may exist.

It is important to note that both Uber and Lyft carry third-party accident insurance in case of injuries. However, this coverage is secondary and only goes into effect if the driver’s insurance is insufficient to cover your damages.

If you are a passenger, you are covered up to $1 million for bodily harm and medical expenses. Additionally, this coverage is only available if the Uber or Lyft driver was transporting a passenger. When an accident occurs between pickups, the secondary coverage limit is only $50,000. If the accident occurs between assignments, our Maryland Uber and Lyft attorney will still seek compensation from the driver’s insurance provider.

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Uber and Lyft both provide residents of Lutherville-Timonium a cost-effective and fast way to travel around town and the surrounding areas. However, if you are injured in an accident caused by a rideshare driver, you deserve to be compensated for the harm you suffered. Our Lutherville-Timonium, MD Uber and Lyft accident lawyers are committed to holding drivers liable when their carelessness or negligence results in an injury. Call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291 to schedule a free appointment with our Maryland personal injury lawyers and review your options.