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Serious accidents can cause intense trauma to the body.  While the pelvis is one of the strongest bones that form part of your basic frame and supports walking, running, and even sitting, the bones could be injured in many types of accidents.  A crushed pelvis or broken pelvis can take a long time to heal, potentially causing an ongoing or permanent need for medical treatment and time off work.
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Common Causes of Pelvic Fractures in Maryland

Pelvic fractures and crushed pelvis injuries can occur in a wide range of accidents.  Broken hip and pelvis injuries are often associated with older adults being injured in falls.  In these cases, the pelvis is likely to break in one clean line or fracture into a few small pieces at the point where the trauma occurred, potentially causing ongoing pain and soreness that might not heal quickly or fully.  Younger adults and children are less likely to receive this type of injury in a fall because they are often more able to turn and fall safely or catch themselves to avoid injury, but people with preexisting disabilities can also be severely injured in falls.  Moreover, falls from higher heights can also cause broken pelvis injuries.
Car accidents are another common cause of pelvic fractures and broken pelvis injuries.  In some car crashes, excessive force might push against your knees and legs, forcing your legs back toward your hips.  This force could be enough to cause hip fractures, as could force from a side-impact collision that crushes the side of the car into your body.  In either case, the fracture might be severe and require medical treatment.
Other accidents can also cause broken pelvis injuries.  If you are run over by a vehicle as a pedestrian or while working with heavy machinery like a forklift or a construction vehicle, you could suffer a pelvic fracture.  Additionally, these kinds of injuries can result from falling debris and other accidents on construction sites, in warehouses, or at factories and industrial plants.

Suing for Broken Pelvis Injuries in Maryland

If you broke a hip in an accident, our attorneys might be able to file a lawsuit against the parties responsible for causing the accident.  Depending on where and how the injury occurred, the parties you sue for your injuries might be different, and the case will proceed differently.
For injuries on someone else’s property, such as slip and fall injuries or other falls from high places, you will usually sue the property owner.  the owner of a property has a duty to clean up or repair hidden dangers, such as steep or uneven steps or staircases with broken handrails that might be hazardous.  If you were injured because they failed to do so, you could be entitled to sue them.  Additionally, if you were injured because a building was not ADA compliant and did not have ramps or other accessibility features, you might be entitled to sue them for failing to make the building safely accessible, which can be helpful in many cases.
In injuries from car crashes, you will usually be able to sue the at-fault driver.  Who is at fault in a car crash often comes down to who violated traffic laws and made mistakes behind the wheel.  If your car was T-boned because another car ran a red light or you were struck by a drunk driver, the law will usually side with you and safely declare the other driver to be at fault.  In other cases, the law might not be as clear, but courts can assign partial blame to all drivers involved in the crash.  Under Maryland law, you cannot recover damages if the court finds you partially at fault for your own crash, so it is important to work with a lawyer to avoid these issues.
In other accidents, the at-fault party will be identified by looking at who owed you a duty to provide adequate skill or care to avoid injuring you.  In many cases of industrial accidents or workplace accidents, your employer might have had a duty to avoid injury by providing better safety training or safety gear.  An employer’s failures might entitle you to a lawsuit, but certain workers’ compensation laws might prevent you from filing a lawsuit unless you were injured by a third party, your employer intentionally injured you, or you worked as an independent contractor.

Damages for a Broken or Crushed Hip Injury in Maryland

After determining the right party to sue, you will also have to prove damages in your case.  This means producing proof of what harms you suffered, from medical records detailing the injuries and the treatments used to repair the injury to pay stubs showing lost wages and reduced earning capacity.  You can also claim damages for pain and suffering and other intangible harms.  Talk to a lawyer about what your claim might be worth.

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