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Personal injury lawyer Randolph Rice

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured because someone was negligent, reckless or careless; you may be entitled to compensation for your damages and injuries. Get help from a Maryland injury lawyer today! Contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice for an immediate claim evaluation and learn how we can help.

Do you need a Maryland personal injury lawyer? Call attorney Randolph Rice at 410.288.2900 or email him directly for immediate legal help. Attorney Randolph Rice is ranked by Super Lawyers, is an Avvo 10 out of 10 Superb Maryland Attorney and is Lead Counsel Rated.

Hurt in a Car Accident?

Baltimore car accident lawyerIf you’ve been hurt in a car accident and you don’t know what to do or who to trust, you may find yourself asking: What should I do next? Don’t panic, we handle these types of injury cases everyday. Our Maryland personal injury lawyers can help answer all of your questions and resolve your case with a favorable outcome. Contact our office at 410.288.2900 to schedule a FREE confidential consultation. We often offer same day appointments.

Personal Injury in Baltimore Maryland – Lawyer Randolph Rice

Call the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, at 410-288-2900 for immediate legal help and advise.

We have the experience and knowledge of the Maryland injury laws to maximize your compensation.  The injury lawyers with the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, are ready to help you recover.  Attorney Randolph Rice is an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney and if the insurance company is fighting you, we take them to Court.

We represent clients injured in auto accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall injuries, hit by a car or pedestrian struck lawsuits, amusement park injuries, and all other injuries received from the negligence of another.

Attorney Randolph Rice is committed to ensuring the success of your case by giving it the time and energy it deserves. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the complex path of a personal injury case.

Statute of Limitations for an Injury Claim Maryland

There is a hard and fast rule in Maryland called the Statute of Limitations. This rules precludes a victim from filing a lawsuit for damages after a proscribed period of time. You should consult with an experienced lawyers to determine if your claim is ripe for a lawsuit based in the law.

Areas in Maryland Where Our Injury Lawyers File Claims in Maryland?

Why Choose the Law Offices of Randolph Rice for your Personal Injury Claim?

We’re ready to take your personal injury case to trial. In tough economic times, we have seen more insurance companies denying more of our clients claims before they contact our office. We fight for your claim and attempt an amicable settlement. But if we don’t believe the insurance company is treating you fairly, we file suit.

Don’t be pushed around by the big insurance companies. We represent client in:

What are the Elements of a Personal Injury Claim in Maryland?

What we must prove as your Maryland injury lawyer when we go to Court before a Judge or Jury.

  1. The act or omission of the adverse party (the other person that hit you was the person we are seeking damages from);
  2. A duty owed by the adverse party to exercise due care (the other driver had a certain duty in the way he was driving);
  3. A breach of that duty by the adverse party (that the other driver acted negligently);
  4. A relationship between the adverse party’s conduct and the harm caused the affected party (the accident caused your injuries); and
  5. Damages to the affected party (that you were hurt from the accident).

What types of Accident Cases Does Your Office handle?

We handles all types of auto accident cases when an individual has been injured, including but not limited to:

Common Personal Injury Questions?

If you’ve been hurt, we know you have a lot of questions. Who is going to pay my medical bills? How do I get my lost wages back? What about my pain and suffering? We’re here to answers those questions and get you back to normal after your accident. Here are some answers to some common personal injury questions:

How much does a Maryland injury lawyer cost?

There is no fee unless we win. We pay all of the costs to pursue your claim.  We are paid from the settlement or verdict, on what is called a contingency.  That means our payment is contingent on the success of your case. Click here to read more about how a Maryland personal injury lawyer is paid.

Should I accept a settlement check from the insurance company before I complete treatment?

No, don’t accept a settlement check until you speak with a lawyer. For more information on settlement checks, view our Youtube view.

Who is the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Maryland?

We are often asked, “Who is the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland?” While there are no standard databases or judging committees to determine the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland. There are a ways to find one. By talking to previous clients of the firm is one of the best ways to find a lawyer to handle your injury claim. You can also search online for the best injury lawyers and find reviews and testimonials.

One of the best ways to find a personal injury lawyer is by interviewing and finding one that fits you and your situation. You want a lawyer that will take the time to listen to you. A lawyer that will call you back or return phone calls and emails. The most important factor when looking for the best Maryland injury lawyer is trust. Trust the lawyer to fight for you as a victim and you have found the best personal injury lawyer in Maryland.

Should I take pictures after my accident?

Yes, take as many pictures as possible.  Watch attorney Randolph Rice on this Youtube video talk about what types of pictures you want to take after a car accident.  You want to tell a story through your pictures.  Think about telling a person about the accident only using pictures and not any words, then start to snap away with your smartphone.

Should I see a doctor after a car accident?

Yes, if you are in pain or you feel discomfort, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.  Watch a Youtube video by attorney Randolph Rice talk about visiting a doctor after an accident.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, call our office at 410.288.2900 for immediate legal help and speak with a Maryland personal injury attorney today!

Our Office Can Help After an Injury

Many people do not realize the importance of a personal injury attorney after an accident. You may think an attorney can only help with a trial, but a skilled injury lawyer can fully protect your rights after an accident. From getting your car fixed to negotiating a fair and just settlement with the insurance company. Our personal injury lawyers will do everything from beginning to end allowing you to rest, heal and recover from the accident.

Determining and Proving Liability

To recover compensation from another party after an injury, the law requires that you sufficiently prove that party’s fault in your accident. You may know that the other driver hit you, but that is not enough to prove liability in our legal system.

Instead, an accident victim must prove that the negligence of another party resulted in injuries. Negligence occurs when another party has a specific duty of care toward the victim and breaches that duty of care. Negligent parties in personal injury cases may include:

Identifying a negligent party and proving negligence are two different matters. An experienced attorney will know how to conduct a thorough investigation to gather as much evidence as possible to support your liability claims.

Evaluating Your Losses

Many accident victims do not realize the true extent of their losses stemming from the accident. Too many people simply add up the medical bills they received and accept payment for those costs. In this situation, you could forego significant compensation that you deserve for many other injury related losses. You may not recognize that legal losses can include:

If you sustained a severe injury, chances are you can seek the above damages. The value of many of these damages, however, is hard to determine.

For example, if your injury requires lifelong medical care, estimating a lifetime’s worth of medical costs will require the analysis of medical experts who can consider the type of care needed for your type of injury and the costs of such care (adjusted for inflation during time). Future losses generally require expert opinions and our law firm has access to the necessary experts.

In addition, many damages associated with severe injuries are noneconomic—you cannot directly measure them in terms of financial losses. An experienced attorney, however, can help determine the value of pain and suffering or the permanent damage an injury caused you. We know how to carefully consider every possible loss in your case to determine the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Insurance Claims

Personal injury victims rarely head directly into court, resolving their cases instead through insurance claims, such as with:

Successfully obtaining payment from another party’s insurance company can avoid the need for litigation, though it’s anything but simple. Insurance companies are not willing to pay out to non-policyholders without specific proof of liability on the part of the policyholder, as well as proof of all of your losses. Our attorneys can help you present evidence to prove your claims and obtain a fair insurance settlement whenever possible.

Insurance companies are notorious for making incredibly low offers to unrepresented injury victims, hoping that claimants will assume they have no choice but to accept those offers. This can deny you much of the compensation you deserve and leave you with no further legal rights to pursue additional compensation. Never agree to a settlement before thoroughly reviewing your case with a personal injury lawyer. We will determine the adequacy—or more often, inadequacy—of an offer and negotiate for a higher amount on your behalf.

Our law firm also regularly assists accident victims with uninsured motorist claims if the negligent driver lacks the necessary insurance coverage. These claims also require you to prove the liability of the negligent driver and we will assist you with every step of your claim.

File a Lawsuit

In some cases, your losses will exceed any relevant insurance policies, or an insurance company will refuse to make an adequate offer. A skilled injury lawyer will know when to file a legal claim with the Maryland civil court system. We have experience handling personal injury claims involving the following, among others:

No matter what type of accident and injury you sustained, complicated personal injury litigation can require many resources. We handle every aspect of the process and cover all of the costs of litigation up front so that our clients can focus their time and energy on their physical recovery and do not have to worry about paying out of pocket. We work to resolve each case in the most efficient manner possible, building a strong case to bring to the table in settlement negotiations. However, if you don’t receive the settlement you deserve, we are not afraid to take your case to trial.

A Baltimore accident and injury attorney can assist you in many ways after your injuries. Please contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice online or at (410) 288-2900 for a free case evaluation to learn how we may help with your specific personal injury case today.