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Accidents on sidewalks can surprise you and suddenly leave you with injuries that need compensation.  If you faced medical expenses, lost wages, or even just pain and suffering because of an accident on a sidewalk, then our lawyers can fight for you to help you get compensation for your injuries.

Sidewalk accidents can encompass a few different types of accidents, from slip and falls to car accidents.  Our lawyers might have to sue different parties to get you the compensation you need, depending heavily on the facts of your case.  We can also help you understand what your case is worth to help you avoid low-dollar settlements from stingy insurance companies.

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Types of Sidewalk Accidents Our Maryland Injury Attorneys Can Help With

As mentioned, sidewalk accidents can fall into different types of personal injury cases.  Our lawyers are well-versed in many different areas of personal injury law and can help with any of the following kinds of sidewalk accidents and more.

Car Accidents

If a car hops the curb and hits you while you are walking on the sidewalk, the accident is likely going to be the driver’s fault.  Except in very limited emergency circumstances, cars have no legal right to be on the sidewalk, and any accidents that a driver causes while driving onto the sidewalk should be their fault.

You may be entitled to sue them, but their car insurance might also be able to pay sufficient damages for your injuries through a claim against the driver’s insurance policy.  However, you should always consult with our sidewalk accident lawyers before accepting any money from the insurance company.

Bike, Scooter, and Skateboarding Accidents

Many times, pedestrians on the sidewalk are hit by people riding small, human-powered or electric vehicles on the sidewalk.  In some cases, these vehicles are supposed to be driven on the road surface, and using them on the sidewalk is actually illegal.  In other cases, these vehicles are altogether banned in the area or on that particular street.  In these, the person who hit you on a bike, scooter, or skateboard might be responsible for the accident.

In some cases where the person was legally on the sidewalk, fault will come down to a jury’s determination about what happened.  For example, if you were walking to the right edge of the sidewalk with your ears free of any headphones and your eyes open, then the accident is likely to be the rider’s fault.  Any distractions or limitations might make it harder for someone to warn you if they are coming up behind you or have gone out of control through no fault of their own.

Reckless Runners

Similar to how people on bikes or scooters might try to weave among pedestrians or yell at others to get out of their way, people running down a crowded sidewalk might try to do the same thing.  Running down a sidewalk is dangerous if the sidewalk is crowded, and people who crash into you or try to weave past you and knock into you could be responsible for your resulting injuries if what they were doing was unreasonable or reckless.

Icy Sidewalk Accidents

If you slip and fall because someone failed to clear ice and snow off their sidewalk or they failed to properly salt or de-ice the sidewalk, then they could be responsible for your accident.  Property owners are usually responsible for clearing their sidewalks, not the state, city, or local municipality.  In many cases, local ordinances dictate how long they have to clear the sidewalk.

Again, your own distractions and unsafe walking could potentially be seen as a contributing factor in these accidents, so it is important to always keep your eyes open and your head up when walking on snowy or icy sidewalks – but it is, after all, the property owner’s responsibility to clear the way.

Construction and Unmarked Dangers

If there is construction on a sidewalk, there could be unmarked dangers that should not be there.  An open manhole or a block of wet cement might be somewhat cartoonish examples, but many people are injured by construction taking place on or over a sidewalk.  If construction dangers are not marked or roped off, people can be hurt.  Similarly, if there is scaffolding over the sidewalk, then dropped tools or scaffolding collapses could seriously injure people walking by.

Everyday issues like uneven cement or cracks from tree roots growing up through the pavement can also injure people.  If the sidewalk owner failed to mark dangers or repair them adequately, they could be responsible for your injuries.

Assault and Battery

While these certainly are not “accidents,” someone walking into you or “bumping” into you too hard could technically be considered assault and battery.  If you are shoved to the side or pushed to the ground by someone mad that you got in their way, they could be liable to you for your injuries.  If you are assaulted or mugged on the sidewalk, the assailant should also be responsible for any medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages you faced.

Suing for Injuries on Sidewalks in Maryland

In many cases, lawsuits can be filed for these accidents.  While a lawsuit might seem like overkill for a fall on a sidewalk, that is not the case.  Even small accidents like this can result in serious injuries, such as broken bones, back injuries, or head trauma.  Many injured sidewalk accident victims can even face long-term or permanent injuries, especially when it comes to back and head injuries.

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