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There are few injuries as catastrophic and life-changing as losing a foot. The adjustments that a victim will need to make require A victim will require a great deal of compensation to help them adjust to their situation.

Fortunately, an experienced Maryland loss of foot attorney can help you navigate the complex compensation process. There are many ways for a loss of foot injury to occur in Maryland, with most occurring on the job and in car accidents. The types of compensation that you can recover will depend on how and where your accident happened. However, filing a lawsuit against the responsible party for damages is likely the best option to recover the compensation needed for your long-term care.

If you have lost a foot in an accident, our Maryland loss of foot attorneys can help you recover the compensation you are entitled to from the party that injured you. For a free case review, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras at (410) 694-7291.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Loss of Foot Injury in Maryland

Recovering compensation for an injury as serious as the loss of a foot can be challenging. Depending on the circumstances of your case, there could be additional hurdles to overcome to file a lawsuit for damages. In most cases, insurance will be available to recover compensation for your injuries. However, a lawsuit will be the best option to ensure you maximize the compensation you receive to help you recover.

Vehicle Accidents

If your foot loss injury resulted from a car accident, you can file a lawsuit against the negligent driver to recover damages. Maryland is an at-fault state, meaning you can recover damages if you prove that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries. There is no need to file insurance beforehand if a lawsuit proves a better strategy from the outset. Our Maryland loss of foot attorneys can help you collect evidence to file a lawsuit against the driver who caused your injuries.

Workplace Accidents

If a loss of foot injury occurs while on the job in the workplace, the process of recovering compensation can be more complex. Maryland requires most employers to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for injured employees. Injured workers will be required to go through their employer’s Workers’ Compensation unless they can show that their injuries were intentionally caused by their employer. If your employer failed to follow regulations or did not train other employees properly, leading to your injuries, you will be permitted to file a lawsuit against them. You can also sue your employer if they do not carry Workers’ Compensation insurance when the state requires them to do so.

Other Reasons for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Loss of foot injuries can occur in other ways that entitle a victim to compensation. For instance, many injuries of this nature result from medical malpractice, like negligently performed surgeries. In other cases, the designer or manufacturer of a defective product could be held liable if their product caused the loss of a foot. Our Maryland loss of foot attorneys can review your case to help determine who should be held responsible for your damages.

Damages Available in a Maryland Loss of Foot Lawsuit

The loss of a foot is a devastating injury, and victims will likely be entitled to substantial compensation for their damages. While a victim could be compensated through insurance, a lawsuit is a much better way to pursue compensation for the wide range of damages you suffered. Damages can be awarded to compensate victims for their economic and non-economic losses. In rare cases, damages will be awarded to punish the defendant. Our Maryland loss of foot attorneys can help you calculate the damages in your case so that you recover the compensation you deserve.

Economic Damages

The loss of a foot is a life-altering injury that will likely result in substantial financial damages. The cost of medical treatment for loss of foot injuries, including surgeries and physical therapy, can leave a victim with significant economic damages. More often than not, victims of a foot loss injury will need long-term treatment. You will also be able to claim lost wages as part of your damages, which includes the loss of future work and earning potential.

Non-Economic Damages

The lasting effects on a victim’s mental health after suffering the loss of a foot are hard to understate. Losing a foot in an accident can completely alter a person’s life in the blink of an eye. However, it can take years to come to terms with the impact a person’s injuries have had on their life. Fortunately, you can recover compensation for non-economic damages.

It can be difficult to prove non-economic damages since they are based on your subjective pain and suffering. However, in the case of an injury as severe as the loss of a foot, it will likely not be too challenging to show the impact your injury has had on your life. Besides damages for pain and suffering, there are several other types of non-economic damages that a person can claim for the loss of a foot in Maryland:

  • Mourning the loss of your limb
  • Phantom limb pain and discomfort
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Lost ability to participate in activities
  • Fear of future injury (e.g., tripping with a prosthetic foot)
  • Loss of confidence
  • Lost independence
  • Lost mobility
  • Scarring damages
  • Loss of spousal benefits

Typically, non-economic damages can be shown with your testimony and the testimony of those that your injuries have also impacted. However, there is a cap in Maryland on the amount of non-economic damages that victims can recover. As of 2022, Maryland caps non-economic damages at $920,000, but this will likely increase each year.

Punitive Damages

In some cases, the defendant’s conduct that caused your injuries was so egregious that the court must punish the defendant and send a message to future parties. Punitive damages are awarded in a lawsuit but are not meant to compensate the plaintiff in a case. While punitive damages typically go to the victim, they are claimed in a lawsuit to punish behavior that goes far past simple negligence. Our Maryland loss of foot attorneys can help you determine if punitive damages are called for to compensate you for your injuries.

Our Maryland Loss of Foot Attorneys Can Help

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