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Falling down is one of the most common ways that people are injured every day. These falls can be even more dangerous and cause more substantial injury if you fall from heights. Falling off a ladder, falling off the monkey bars on a playground, or falling off a platform with a broken railing can all involve serious injuries that might have been avoided if the property owner had taken better care of their property.

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Common Accidents Involving Falls from Heights in Maryland

Watching someone land safely after jumping from a high place might make it seem like falls from heights should not be too serious. However, there is a huge difference between falling and jumping, and even incredible athletes can suffer serious injuries if they fall off a ladder or balcony. Some of the most common serious injuries that people receive are from slip and fall and trip and fall injuries. In these accidents, people might not fall very far, but they still suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, back injuries, and other long-term injuries. In falls from heights, these kinds of injuries are often exacerbated. the following are all common types of accidents where someone could be injured in a fall from heights.

Structural Collapses

Sometimes buildings, stairs, decks, and stages have hidden structural weaknesses that make them patently unsafe. Property owners are responsible for making sure that their property is safe for guests and patrons, and any issues that lead to a structural collapse could be their fault. These kinds of collapses can lead victims to fall stories, potentially suffering serious or fatal injuries in the collapse.

Broken Railing Falls

Railings and banisters protect people from falling off porches, balconies, and staircases. These structures also work to help make these areas accessible for people with disabilities, older adults, and children who might need something to hold onto to avoid falling. If a railing is weak or collapses under the weight of the person hanging onto it, they could fall off, potentially suffering injuries in the fall.

Falls from Ladders and Roofs

Whether you are at work or helping someone with household tasks, a fall from a ladder can cause paralysis, brain injuries, and back injuries. Helping someone on the roof can also lead to a long fall causing substantial injuries. If you were injured in the workplace, workers’ compensation or a lawsuit might get you the compensation you need. Similarly, if you were injured at your own house or someone else’s house, a homeowners’ insurance claim or a lawsuit might get you the compensation you need. Kids and teens might also try to climb ladders or climb onto roofs, and they could be injured if there are unsafe conditions or the homeowner fails to properly supervise them.

Falls on Playgrounds

Children could fall on a playground because of a lack of supervision or unsafe conditions on the playground. At the park or at school, the owner of the property is likely responsible for dangerous or defective conditions that could lead to a fall. Injuries that occur while someone was supposed to be watching your child – such as a teacher or daycare worker – could also lead to a lawsuit for negligent supervision. the same kinds of issues can be involved in injuries from climbing a tree, going into an unsafe treehouse, or climbing another structure at someone else’s house.

Workplace Falls from Heights

You could fall from heights at work if you commonly climb on or work on scaffolding, lifts, catwalks, or other high places. Construction workers, window cleaners, utility line workers, and other workers commonly face these kinds of injuries. If your employer failed to provide proper safety gear and training to prevent a fall, they might be negligent. While workers’ compensation rules usually prevent lawsuits, you might still be entitled to sue if you were an independent contractor or if you were injured by a third party. Talk to a lawyer about how to proceed with your case.

Suing for a Fall from Heights in Maryland

If you fell from heights, you could be dealing with serious injuries. In many cases, these falls cause permanent injuries that could leave you unable to return to work and unable to care for yourself. In many cases, injuries are deadly, and the family of the victim might be grieving while dealing with funeral expenses, lost wages, and other damages. A lawsuit can often help you seek compensation for these damages when you or a loved one is injured.

Most cases will be filed against the negligent property owner if the fall was caused by a dangerous or defective handrail, structural weakness, or other problems on the premises. If you or your child was injured because of inadequate supervision or oversight, you might also be entitled to sue.

Talk to a lawyer about how your case can proceed and what your claim might be worth.

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