Maryland Move Over Law For Tow Trucks

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Maryland State Police Press Release
09/05/2014 10:19


PIKESVILLE, MD) –The Maryland State Police are urging motorists to practice moving over for tow trucks now because on October 1st, it is the law.

Maryland Move Over Law for Tow Trucks

On the first of October 2014, tow trucks will be included in the safety barrier of the ‘move over’ law. The law is intended to provide an extra barrier of safety for police, fire and emergency rescue personnel, and now tow truck drivers. Motorists are required when approaching an emergency vehicle or a tow truck from the rear with its lights activated, to change into an available lane not next to the emergency vehicle or tow truck, when safe to do so. If there is no lane available, the motorists must slow down to a reasonable and prudent speed as they pass the emergency scene.

Drivers are reminded the ‘move over’ law is a primary offense with a fine of $110 and one point. If the violation contributes to a traffic collision, the fine will be $150 and three points. If the violation contributes to crash resulting in death or serious injury, the fine is $750 and three points.


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