Maryland Attorney for Nerve Damage Caused by Surgery

No surgery is minor. Despite the best precautions, complications can arise and present difficult situations for your surgeon and their medical team. When you undergo surgery, you place your trust in your surgeon to ensure your health and safety despite any difficulties that might arise. If your surgeon makes a serious error or acts negligently while dealing with a problematic surgical complication or performing a routine procedure, you could suffer traumatic nerve damage.

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Suing for Nerve Damage from Medical Malpractice in Maryland

All surgical procedures have inherent risks, even the most routine ones. Surgical mistakes often include preventable errors that occur during an operation. However, just because a surgical error occurred does not necessarily mean you have been a victim of medical malpractice.

All medical treatment, including surgery, must adhere to an accepted standard of care. If your surgeon deviated from the recognized standard of care and caused you nerve damage or paralysis, your surgeon may be liable for your injuries. Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources to determine if your nerve damage was the result of negligent conduct rather than a complication from a foreseeable risk. If you were the victim of medical malpractice, our attorneys might be able to help you file a lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries.

Surgical Errors Resulting in Nerve Damage in Maryland Hospitals

Despite experience, training, and precautions, mistakes occur. In many instances, simple errors do not result in harm or complications for a patient, but some surgical mistakes are catastrophic, leading to serious medical consequences, paralysis, or death. When the error is the result of your doctor’s negligent conduct, the injury could give rise to a medical malpractice claim. These kinds of medical malpractice errors could occur before surgery, during the procedure, or during postoperative recovery.

Nerve and Brain Damage from Anesthesia Mistakes

In preparation for surgery, anesthesia induces a short-term loss of sensation and consciousness. To achieve this condition, your anesthesiologist may administer a peripheral nerve block. A nerve block, if improperly managed, could directly damage your nerves. Additionally, if you are taking a blood thinner, your risk of nerve injury increases. Your anesthesiologist should conduct a full medical history to ensure that the anesthetic administered does not adversely interact with medication you are already taking.

Injuries from Lack of Oxygen

Another complication associated with general anesthesia is oxygen deprivation resulting in brain hypoxia. Your anesthesiologist should carefully monitor your vital signs to ensure you are receiving a proper flow of oxygen. Any oxygen restriction to the brain can adversely affect the brain and damage the nervous system. Any negligent error by your anesthesiologist could severely damage your brain or nerves.

Nerve Damage from Positioning Injuries

Your doctor is required to ensure that your body is in the proper position during surgery. Compression or stretching of a limb can result in a “positioning injury” involving nerve damage. Furthermore, if a tourniquet is applied improperly or with excessive pressure, nerves can suffer harm. Any negligent mistakes like these could constitute medical negligence.

Surgical Errors and Severed Nerves

Surgery is a precise discipline requiring careful and accurate movements and incisions. If your surgeon is careless or does not pay attention to the details of the procedure, a nick could result in nerve damage. If your surgeon lacks experience in the surgical procedure performed, preventable errors may occur. Surgical mistakes due to carelessness or lack of experience might constitute negligent conduct and give rise to a medical malpractice claim.

Nerve trauma during surgery could, in some rare cases, develop into “reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome,” a condition causing severe chronic pain in the extremities. If you have suffered nerve damage because your surgeon negligently severed or damaged a nerve, contact our Maryland nerve injury attorney.

Nerve Damage from Hospital Infections

Infections are a common complication of surgery. These infections are a significant cause of illness and death, often resulting in devastating emotional, economic, and medical consequences for many patients. Infections can result from surgical errors such as accidentally cutting into the intestines. Other preventable mistakes, such as inadequately washing one’s hands or failing to sterilize medical tools, can also lead to infection. Postoperative infections are also common.

If an infection develops and your doctor fails to diagnose or provide treatment, it could develop into a more severe condition that could ultimately cause nerve damage. If you develop an infection and nerve damage from your surgeon’s negligent conduct or preventable errors by the medical team, you may have been a victim of medical malpractice.

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