Maryland Icy Sidewalk Injury from Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents on icy sidewalks are one of the most common accidents in the winter. People across Maryland know that ice and snow on sidewalks can be incredibly dangerous for pedestrians and that anyone who comes across their sidewalk deserves a safe place to walk. If you fell on an icy sidewalk because a property owner failed to clear their sidewalk, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras today.

Our Maryland icy sidewalk injury from fall lawyers fight for injury victims. We seek to have property owners and their insurance companies pay for the damages the resident caused by failing to shovel and salt their sidewalks. For a free case consultation, contact our lawyers today at (410) 694-7291.

What to Do After an Icy Sidewalk Slip and Fall in Maryland

If you fell on an icy sidewalk, there are some important steps to take as soon as you can to improve your chances of recovering from injuries and help position yourself to make a strong claim for financial compensation.

First, you should seek medical attention if you need it. Many slip and fall cases, especially on hard sidewalks and ice, can result in head injuries, back injuries, and neck injuries. Other injuries such as broken bones or bruises might be more obvious, but injuries to the head, back, and neck could be covered up by adrenaline. it is best to seek medical treatment right away, especially if you are an older adult, a disabled person, or someone else with a vulnerability to injury.

Second, you should take pictures of where you fell. If you can do this before getting in an ambulance, that is best. it is important to have a picture of how the area looked during the fall so you can show the jury how bad the ice and snow was. If you can, also record information you might need later, such as the street where the fall took place, which side of the street you were on, and what business or home address was alongside the sidewalk.

Third, call a lawyer. Our Maryland icy sidewalk injury from fall lawyers can begin work on your case right away and act quickly to collect evidence and have evidence preserved for trial. If there were any security cameras near the scene of the fall, we can send letters to have the video footage preserved for trial. We can also take pictures of the scene and research who was responsible for clearing the sidewalk to know who to file the case against.

Who is Responsible for Icy Sidewalk Slip and Fall Injuries in Maryland?

The owner of the property adjacent to the sidewalk where you fell is usually responsible for clearing the sidewalk. Sometimes this is set explicitly by law, such as with ordinances in Baltimore that require property owners to clear the snow off their sidewalks within 3 hours of the end of the snowfall. This means that, instead of suing the City of Baltimore, you usually sue the property owner or operator.

We say “owner or operator” because many businesses and apartments are owned by one party but operated or lived in by another party. In most cases, the resident who lives at the address or the business that operates at the address is responsible for clearing their sidewalks. Outside commercial office buildings and apartment buildings, this may mean that the owner is responsible. However, outside of rented storefronts or rented homes, the tenant is usually responsible.

The question of whom to sue is one that our attorneys can help answer for you. We can research who owns the property and what business operates there or who rents the property so we can determine whom we should file the case against. We can also find out what insurance company or lawyer represents them and begin immediate negotiations to start getting you the damages you need.

Getting Compensation for Injuries from a Fall on an Icy Sidewalk in Maryland

Usually when there is an injury from a slip and fall on an icy sidewalk, no one immediately rushes out and offers to pay for hospital bills for you. Instead, homeowners and property owners usually contact their insurance companies or their lawyers to handle the case for them, which means that it is often vital to have a lawyer on your side as well. In most cases, there are two possible ways to get compensation: insurance settlements and lawsuits.

In an insurance settlement, the insurance adjuster will collect information from you about how much the accident cost you, what bills and expenses you faced because of the accident, and what injuries you suffered. They will then determine how much they think the injury is worth and pay you damages for your medical bills and lost wages, sometimes at a discounted rate.

If you sue, you are often entitled to claim any damages that resulted from the slip and fall. This could be important if you faced noneconomic damages like pain and suffering that insurance companies often do not cover. In a lawsuit, your lawyer can calculate the total damages that you can claim, including some projected future damages, and ask a judge and jury to award them. In most cases, the claim will be settled for an appropriate amount that your lawyer helps negotiate. Talk to a lawyer for further information.

Free Legal Consultation for Slip and Fall Sidewalk Accidents in Maryland

After a serious fall, it is vital to talk to a lawyer. the Maryland icy sidewalk injury from fall lawyers at Rice, Murtha & Psoras represent victims of slip and fall accidents on icy sidewalks, and we work to get compensation from negligent property owners who failed to shovel and salt their sidewalks. For your free legal consultation, call our lawyers today at (410) 694-7291.