Maryland Attorney for Arm/Leg Amputation and Loss at Work

Losing a limb such as an arm or leg or extremities such as a finger or toe can be devastating. Oftentimes a traumatic injury may require that the body part be amputated.

Many reasons can cause this type of trauma such as a motor vehicle accident, a workplace accident, or lack of proper medical attention. In addition to the psychological and physical difficulties of coping with the loss of a body part, you may also experience a strange sensation known as phantom pain whereby you experience sensations in the body part that has been severed from the body.

There may be a chance of having the severed body part reattached if proper steps are taken. This depends on the extent of the nerve damage to the area. If damage is extensive, a prosthetic replacement may be a more realistic alternative. the good news is that there has been an incredible advancement in the medical technology that goes into developing body prosthetics allowing you to have as normal a physical life as possible following an amputation. Prosthetics can be very expensive, and new advancements allow more and more mobility. This is why you need the assistance of an attorney who can help get you the maximum recovery you are entitled to.