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Most people understand that riding a motorcycle is a bit riskier than driving a car. Unfortunately, this is often because other drivers make the road unsafe for motorcycle riders. You might be badly injured because of a negligent driver and suffering lacerations, broken bones, or more severe injuries with lasting complications. A lawyer can help you sue for these damages and more.

Proving the other driver is responsible for your accident might be an uphill battle. People tend to assume motorcycle riders are all daredevils, so they are unfairly blamed for their injuries. We can help you prove that another driver was negligent behind the wheel, not you. Some common causes of motorcycle crashes include distractions on the road, speeding, and drivers who ignore motorcycles. However the accident occurred, talk to an attorney soon, as your time to file a lawsuit might be running out.

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Potential Injuries and Damages in Mount Pleasant, SC Motorcycle Accident Cases

Relatively minor injuries might include surface-level damage and injuries that may be expected to heal. For example, cuts, bone fractures, and road rash are certainly painful and possibly expensive to treat, but they often recover fully.

What is more concerning are the serious injuries with long-term complications that motorcycle accidents are sometimes known for. Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries can come with lasting pain, complications, and disabilities. Paralysis and chronic pain are not uncommon in motorcycle accident cases. You might experience a traumatic brain injury that leaves you with cognitive impairments, making it hard to live independently and diminishing your quality of life.

Considering how severe your injuries might be, it is no wonder that motorcycle accidents often come with high damages. First, we should assess the costs of medical care. This can be an enormous expense and might constitute a large portion of your overall damages. Next, we should factor in the costs of repairing or replacing your motorcycle. If your injuries prevent you from working, we can include your lost income in your claims.

Non-economic damages are less concrete and more subjective because they are not usually evaluated based on how much they cost. In many cases, these damages do not cost plaintiffs money but represent incredibly painful physical and emotional experiences. Talk to our motorcycle accident lawyers about your pain, trauma, and how the accident has affected your life. These experiences absolutely deserve fair compensation.

How to Prove the Other Driver is Responsible for Your Motorcycle Accident in Mount Pleasant, SC

How we go about proving your claims in your motorcycle accident depends on how it happened and what kind of evidence is available. In many cases, plaintiffs need evidence that shows the court how the defendant’s negligence directly caused the accident. Proving that the defendant was indeed negligent requires proving 4 critical legal elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

The duty element refers to the defendant’s duty of care. We must prove how the defendant owed you a duty of care and safety. Generally, all drivers are said to have the same duty: to drive with reasonable safety under the circumstances while obeying traffic laws.

The breach element is whatever the defendant did that violated their duty of care. This tends to vary greatly and might involve all sorts of careless behavior. Often, people establish the defendant’s breach by showing how the defendant violated traffic laws. If the defendant ran a red light, that is the breach, and we need evidence of how it happened. Traffic citations from the police or red-light camera footage might be very helpful.

The element of causation refers to the link between the defendant’s breach and the accident itself. In short, we must come up with evidence showing how the breach directly caused the accident. Defendants sometimes refute this by claiming some other force or factor caused the accident and their breach had nothing to do with it.

Finally, we need evidence of your damages to show they are real and compensable. If you were injured, we can help you gather records of medical care from the hospital. Photos of your injuries and the damage to your motorcycle might also be very helpful.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Mount Pleasant, SC

Understanding how an accident happened can help us figure out where to look for evidence so that we can prove negligence. It might also help us understand exactly what the defendant did that was so negligent.

A major concern on the road today is inattentive or distracted drivers. With cell phones, GPS devices, and other communication tools widely available and capable of syncing with our vehicles, distracted drivers are more prevalent than ever before. This is especially bad for motorcycle riders, who already tend to be missed or outright ignored by drivers.

Speaking of drivers ignoring motorcycle riders, there is a huge problem on the road where drivers in cars do not notice motorcycles even when they are in plain sight. This strange phenomenon, sometimes called inattentional blindness, puts motorcycle riders at risk, all because drivers cannot be bothered to watch out for them.

High rates of speed are also very dangerous for motorcycle riders and unfortunately common. Motorcycle riders are not protected inside an enclosed vehicle. If they are struck by a speeding car, they might go flying and hit the hard pavement.

How Long to Wait After a Motorcycle Accident to File a Case in Mount Pleasant, SC

If you were recently hurt in a motorcycle crash, do not hesitate to speak with an attorney. Even if you are unsure whether you want to take legal action, you should still speak to a lawyer. They can help you review your legal options and get an idea of what kind of compensation you deserve.

The statute of limitations, under S.C. Code Ann. § 15-3-530(5), gives potential plaintiffs only 3 years to file their claims in court. This limitation period begins on the day of the accident, so the clock starts counting down almost immediately.

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