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What Should You Do After an Injury at a Restaurant In Ocean City, MD?

Restaurants and bars should be attentive to their guests’ needs. While keeping water glasses filled and giving prompt service are typical concerns at restaurants, these establishments must also be careful to serve clean food, clean up spills, and keep the premises safe for guests. If you were injured in a slip and fall, made ill from food poisoning, or assaulted by a bouncer at a restaurant or bar in Ocean City, MD, call Rice, Murtha & Psoras today.

Our Ocean City, MD lawyer for injuries that occur at restaurants might be able to take your case and fight to get you financial compensation for your injuries. Our lawyer represents injury victims in lawsuits for all types of accidents at restaurants, and he fights to get them and their family damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. For a free case consultation, call our law offices today at (410) 694-7291.

Types of Accidents and Injuries at Restaurants in Ocean City, MD

Injuries and accidents can occur in many ways at a restaurant. While people might worry about injuries and illness from bad food, there are also many accidents that could occur because of dangers on the premises and other injuries you could face from assault or other intentional acts. the following are common examples of injuries you could sustain at a restaurant in Ocean City:

Slip and Fall Injuries

Restaurant owners and operators must keep their floors clean and safe. If there are spilled drinks or food on the ground, it could create a slipping hazard that might knock a patron down and cause them serious injuries. This also extends to areas like bathrooms with wet floors or parking lots with icy walkways. If the restaurant puts up a caution sign, this might help cure the issue, but failing to warn patrons or clean up dangerous slipping or tripping hazards is otherwise considered negligent.

Dangerous Premises Injuries

Other dangers on the property at a restaurant can also cause serious injuries. Night clubs, bars, and restaurants often have multiple levels. This means they have features like stairs, railings, and balconies. If any of these features are unsafe for patrons, they could be seriously injured in a collapse or if a railing comes loose.

Especially on second-floor balconies overlooking the boardwalk or the water, an accident could mean falling some distance, potentially leading to serious injuries.

Food Poisoning

If the restaurant served you food that was not cooked properly, contained foodborne pathogens, or was cross-contaminated by other food, you could face serious illness. Vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms could require hospitalization if they are severe enough, and food poisoning victims with preexisting health concerns could even have their lives put in jeopardy. If you were sickened by food served at a restaurant, you might be entitled to a lawsuit.

Food Allergies

Many restaurants make efforts to have gluten free options, vegan options, nut free options, and other options to help guests with food restrictions or food allergies. If the restaurant has a policy of asking about food allergies or you specifically told the restaurant about a food allergy, any contamination could be their fault. Especially if you suffered anaphylactic shock or other serious symptoms, you could be entitled to sue the restaurant for their errors.

Objects in Food

While some objects are put in food intentionally – such as toothpicks in a sandwich – they should be obviously visible or else they could be a hazard. Other items should never be left in food when it is served to a customer. Broken pieces of kitchen utensils or pot scrubbers could be dangerous for diners if they make their way into someone’s meal. Other objects, like screws, dead pests, or animal droppings could cause more severe injuries or illness. Call a lawyer if you had something in your food that injured your mouth or digestive tract or if you discovered something in your food that made you ill or caused severe emotional distress.

Assault and Battery

Many restaurants with bars and nightlife could become dangerous when too much alcohol is put into the mix. Victims of bar fights or assault by other patrons could be entitled to compensation from those individuals directly. However, victims of assault by bouncers or restaurant staff could be entitled to sue the restaurant for their employees’ actions.

Damages for Injuries at a Restaurant in Ocean City, MD

If you were injured at a restaurant, you could be entitled to sue the restaurant for damages. These damages can often pay for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages you incurred because of the injury. This means that hospital bills, time off work, and loss of enjoyment in day-to-day activities could all be compensated.

Usually, these damages are paid by the restaurant itself if you suffered injuries because of a restaurant workers’ negligence. the restaurant is responsible for the injuries the custodial staff, kitchen staff, or front of house staff cause through their negligence. Even intentional acts of violence by restaurant employees could justify a lawsuit against the restaurant.

For help understanding what your case is worth, talk to a lawyer. Each case is unique, and the damages you suffered will be unique to the facts of your case and the damages you can prove through medical bills, financial statements, and other records. Our lawyer can help calculate the expected damages in your case.

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