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Timonium, Maryland, located in the suburbs of the greater Baltimore area, is home to thousands of people. Residents of Timonium and other people passing through the area could face injury from a wide range of accidents, including car accidents and other vehicle crashes, slip and fall injuries, defective product injuries, and many other types of accidents. If you or a loved one faced serious injuries in an accident in Timonium, it is time to call a Timonium personal injury attorney to help with your potential case.

You might be entitled to substantial financial compensation for your injuries, and the Timonium personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Randolph Rice might be able to help you get it. Our lawyers represent injury victims in lawsuits against the responsible parties who caused their injuries, and we fight to get our clients the full compensation they need after an accident. For a free case consultation, call our lawyers today at (410) 694-7291.

Suing for Injuries in Timonium, MD

If you were hurt in an accident or injured by someone else’s intentional acts, you might be entitled to sue them for compensation. There are many situations where another person will have a legal duty to keep you safe or to act in a certain way to prevent injuries. Some clear examples of this are the rules of the road and Maryland traffic laws, which provide rules that drivers must follow to prevent injuries. If someone breaks the rules or violates some legal duty they owe you, and that breach causes injuries, you could be entitled to take them to court and claim damages.

The court can award the victim damages for any harms the defendant caused them. In an accidental injury case – such as a car accident case, a slip and fall case, or a defective product injury case – that could mean getting compensation for things like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering linked to the accident.

In some cases, an insurance policy might cover the accident, but oftentimes the payments that insurance companies provide are far too low to cover your needs. Talk to a lawyer about what your case is worth instead of trusting the at-fault party, their lawyer, or their insurance company.

Types of Personal Injury Cases in Timonium, MD

There are many different areas of personal injury cases that our Timonium, MD personal injury lawyers can help you with. If you or a loved one was injured in one of the following types of accidents or any other type of accident case, call us today. We can also represent you if a loved one was killed in an accident.

Car Accidents

Most people who travel by car will be involved in a car accident at some point, but only a small percentage of car accident cases involve serious injuries or death. If you were injured in a car crash in Timonium, our Maryland car accident lawyers might be able to help you get the full compensation you deserve in your case. Even if there is a car insurance policy that is supposed to cover your case, you could be entitled to additional damages that the insurance company will not pay.

Slip and Fall Accidents and Premises Liability Claims

People injured because of icy sidewalks, slippery lobbies, spills in grocery stores, and other dangers in stores or homes could be entitled to sue for their injuries. Slip and falls are part of a broader area of personal injury law called “premises liability.” This area of law includes many other types of injuries from dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, such as falls from loose railings or stairs, electrocution injuries, fire hazards, and drowning.

Dog Bites and Other Animal Bites

If you were injured by a loose dog or by a dangerous dog chained up on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to sue the owner for your injuries. Other animals can also be dangerous, and the owners should be held responsible for negligently training their pet, for letting an animal roam off its leash, or for failing to lock up a pet they knew to be dangerous. The injuries and emotional distress from an animal attack can be grounds for high damages in a lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice

Our attorneys represent patients who were injured by their doctor’s negligent medical care. Many hospital injuries, misdiagnoses, and surgical mistakes cause serious injuries and worsened illnesses that leave patients uncertain about their future health, and our lawyers fight to get compensation for victims of such medical negligence. Our Maryland medical malpractice lawyers also represent parents and infants in birth injury cases where the doctor’s negligence contributed to injuries, health conditions, or permanent disabilities. Call us today to learn more about your potential claim.

Defective Product Injuries

If you purchased a product that injured you or a member of your family, you could be entitled to compensation. The manufacturer and distributor are held to strict legal standards that could make them liable for any dangerous product designs, manufacturing defects, or failure to warn about dangers with the product. Our lawyers can help in cases of defective or dangerous pharmaceuticals, auto parts, appliances, tools, and other defective products.

Call Our Timonium Personal Injury Lawyers for a Free Case Consultation

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident or from intentional injuries in the Timonium area, contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today. Our Timonium and Maryland personal injury attorney may be able to take your case and file a lawsuit to get you compensation even from large companies or high-powered defendants. For a free case consultation, call us today at (410) 694-7291.


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