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Truck accidents are among the most devastating motor vehicle accidents. The sheer mass of commercial trucks gives them the potential to cause enormous amounts of damage in a collision or other accident. The aftermath of a truck accident can leave you reeling from enormous medical expenses, permanent injuries, or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Our lawyers can help you navigate the difficult road ahead after a truck accident. Maryland has its own special rules for bringing lawsuits as well as court procedures that are not always the same from court to court. Additionally, you need to know what information about your truck accident is important to the court and the legal system. If you are experiencing the hardships of medical expenses, serious injuries, or the loss of a loved one after a truck accident, a lawyer can help you get the financial compensation and peace of mind you deserve.

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Types of Truck Accidents in Silver Spring, MD

We have experience representing plaintiffs in accidents with 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, and other large big-rig vehicles. Commercial trucks are different from other types of motor vehicles.  In addition to accidents that could happen with any vehicle, like running a red light or drunk driving, truck accidents can be distinct in their nature. Below are some unique kinds of truck accident cases our truck accident attorneys can help with.

Fishtailing Accidents

Fishtailing is when the rear wheels of a vehicle lose traction with the road, causing the vehicle to swerve wildly from side to side. Often the cause of fishtailing is poor road conditions from bad weather. Snow or ice is particularly prone to causing fishtailing. Fishtailing can also occur in good road conditions if the cargo in the truck is loaded improperly.

Fishtailing is enough of a hazard to other motorists when it happens to an ordinary car. When it happens to a truck, the side-to-side motions combined with the flexible linkage to a trailer can create a dangerous area over a large portion of the road. The results of being hit by any part of a fishtailing truck can be devastating.

Jackknife Accidents

The classic image of an 18-wheeler has a truck tractor connected by a linking mechanism to a large trailer. The ability of the trailer to pivot around the truck creates the possibility of better steering but also presents a serious hazard to other drivers. A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer swings around the tractor, and the two sections fold into themselves like a pocketknife, often crashing into other cars in the process.

Bad road conditions sometimes cause jackknife accidents. Other times an improperly loaded trailer can contribute to a jackknife accident. If all of the weight is distributed onto one side of the trailer, it will have a propensity to swing in the direction of the imbalance and potentially hit other vehicles.

T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents are when one vehicle impacts another at a right angle. T-bone accidents can be particularly damaging because vehicles are generally set up such that they are best at absorbing collisions head-on. When a truck is involved, that damage is significantly amplified due to the size and mass disparity between commercial trucks and ordinary vehicles.

Claims From Truck Accidents in Silver Spring, MD

The legal grounds upon which you base your truck accident lawsuit will depend on the cause of your truck accident. While what kind of claim you are suing for is more of a concern for your lawyer than for you, having a general understanding of the types of claims that could come from a truck accident can help you collect evidence and build your case.


Negligence, in short, is when somebody does not act how they are supposed to. In the context of motor vehicle accidents, negligence often means committing a traffic violation, such as running traffic lights or speeding. That type of conduct is different from what an ordinary, reasonable motorist is supposed to do.

Truck drivers have other responsibilities as professional drivers. For example, truck drivers must make sure that they are not fatigued while driving. There are other regulations in place as well to make sure that truck drivers avoid putting other motorists at risk.

Products Liability

A products liability claim argues that a product had a defect and, as a result, injured someone. Defects fall into two main camps: design defects and manufacturing defects.

A design defect is when something works as intended, but the design is still dangerous and prone to causing injuries. Even if it works the way it was designed, the design is dangerous, so the product is deemed defective. An example of a design defect in a truck would be if the trailer is designed to have a high center of gravity, making it more unstable and likely to roll over.

A manufacturing defect, on the other hand, is an error in the manufacturing product. Manufacturing defects generally occur when the truck is built. Micro tracks in the trailer connection point, incorrectly installed transmission systems, and faulty turn signals are all examples of manufacturing defects.

Wrongful Death

Truck accidents are traumatic events. Sadly, the size difference between a commercial truck and an ordinary motor vehicle often means the death of the other vehicle’s occupants. A wrongful death lawsuit is a lawsuit to get damages for the loss of a loved one. Common damages in a wrongful death lawsuit are loss of companionship, lost future earnings, and mental anguish.

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