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Countless trucks take to the road in Smyrna and across the United States every day. By and large, these trucks get where they are going with no incident. However, truck accidents are bound to happen at some point, and when they do occur, people are frequently badly hurt, and paying for the treatment of those injuries can quickly become a serious financial burden that victims of truck accidents must deal with in addition to the effects of their injuries.

Fortunately, we can help. Our legal team has handled hundreds of truck cases, so we can deal with all of the legal legwork so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

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Trucks Involved in Accidents in Smyrna, GA

Trucks come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them will get into accidents at some point or another. At first, stating what kind of truck hit you may seem like a detail that has little bearing on your claim. However, it can actually be very useful to our truck accident attorneys for a number of reasons. First, it helps establish the factual basis for your claims. Second, different kinds of trucks get into different kinds of accidents for different reasons. For example, different factors can impact a tractor-trailer in a different way than a semi-truck will be impacted. The more details our attorneys can get about your situation, the better.


Everyone has probably seen an 18-wheeler driving down the highway at some point in their life. These vehicles are massive and can cause serious damage due to their weight alone. Accordingly, drivers need special training to operate these large vehicles. If a driver does not have that training, they can easily oversteer, turn in a dangerous way, or otherwise do something that an 18-wheeler is simply not equipped to do. In those instances, it may be correct to sue not just the driver but their employer, too.

Semi Trucks

Semi trucks are smaller than 18-wheelers, but they are still quite large when compared to ordinary motor vehicles. Since the trailer is not linked, the driver may have the impression that they are driving a smaller, regular vehicle when they in fact are not, and this disassociation can lead to accidents.

Box Trucks

Unlike tractor-trailers, box trucks have a fixed trailer that does not pivot. This can make them drive differently, as there is no link for two sections to rotate around. Moreover, many box trucks are rented out for personal use – like for moving to a new house. This means that the person driving may not fully know what they are doing, and they may get in an accident.

Cement and Concrete Mixers

Concrete mixers and cement trucks have rotating barrels on their trailer beds. These mixers are supposed to be inert when a truck is moving, as leaving them on and tossing about whatever is inside can make things difficult or uncontrollable for the truck driver behind the wheel. An active concrete mixer in a moving truck can easily lead to an accident.

Garbage Trucks

Garbage trucks frequent Smyrna’s roads every morning. As part of their job, garbage truck drivers have to stop and start their vehicles frequently. Part of doing that correctly is being aware of their surroundings and ensuring that they are not stopping suddenly or in a way that could cause an accident. If a garbage truck driver is not paying attention, they can easily hit another vehicle or, indeed, a pedestrian exiting their home.

How Long Do I Have to File Truck Accident Lawsuits in Smyrna, GA?

While you may want to take a second to get your bearings after a truck accident, the timer for how long you can wait to file your truck accident lawsuit starts ticking right after you get hurt. Under O.G.C.A § 9-3-33, plaintiffs have two years from when they get hurt to file their claim. When you take into account the time you need to recover from injuries and the time our lawyers need to get information and prepare to file a claim, those two years can go by in a flash. Therefore, it is good practice to start the legal process as soon as you can.

How Our Smyrna, GA Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Most people know that lawyers can advocate for them at trial. However, an attorney can provide much more assistance than that. In fact, most of what attorneys do happens before trial.

Gather Evidence

Once we are retained as counsel, our lawyers will work towards building you a strong case, and that process starts with gathering evidence. We can reach out to medical centers and police departments and contact witnesses so that you have the most information possible to build your claim.

Represent You Before Trial

Our lawyers can also represent you in court in any proceedings that happen before trial. This could mean something mundane like scheduling a date for a certain hearing or something more serious like arguing that certain pieces of evidence should not be used at trial or authorizing expert witnesses.

Settle Cases

Sometimes, the best move is to resolve your situation before trial. A “settlement” is when both parties agree to resolve the matter outside of court. In many cases, settlements can provide you with the compensation and other things you need, so accepting a settlement offer is not at all considered “losing” a lawsuit. That being said, you always have a right to trial, and our lawyers can advise you as to the best course of action in your situation.

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