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What Witness Statements Do You Need for Your Car Accident Claim in Maryland?

After being hurt because of a car crash in Maryland, you can seek payment for the damages you incurred by filing a claim against the at-fault party. For your case to prevail, you must present evidence that supports your case. Witness statements are a common form of evidence that can be utilized.

Car accident victims should attempt to collect witness statements that provide information regarding who was involved in their crashes, where their crashes happened, why their crashes happened, and what property was damaged. Our attorneys can help plaintiffs reach out to witnesses for their cooperation.

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Witness Statements Used to Support Car Accident Claims in Maryland

In many car accident cases, plaintiffs collect witness statements to prove essential elements to their claims. There are multiple ways that witness statements can be used to help your lawsuit. The following are types of witness statements frequently utilized by our car accident attorneys in Maryland:

Statements Regarding Basic Accident Details

Statements regarding basic accident details can be very helpful to plaintiffs when building their cases and determining who to sue. For example, the following are all details that eyewitness testimony can help establish:

  • Who was involved in your accident
  • What vehicles were involved in your accident
  • Where your accident occurred
  • When your accident happened

Witnesses should be as detailed as possible when providing details regarding your collision. After collecting this information, our team of experienced lawyers can help determine who to sue.

Perspective on How Your Accident Happened

Also, witness statements can provide a useful perspective on how your accident happened. For example, an eyewitness may testify that they saw the defendant driver run a red light or make an illegal left turn before causing your collision. It is important that witnesses provide clear, concise testimony when asserting how a crash occurred. Our Maryland personal injury lawyers can offer guidance to witnesses when drafting their statements.

Observations of Property Damage and Injuries

Lastly, a witness to your car accident may offer observations of the property damage and injuries caused by your collision. Even if a witness did not notice your specific injuries, a general observation that you appeared hurt could help prove your case. Furthermore, witnesses can offer statements that help establish what property damage was caused by your accident.

What Types of Witness Statements Cannot Be Used to Support Your Car Accident Claim in Maryland?

There are certain types of witness statements that will not be helpful for your car accident claim. The following are all statements that should not be included in witnesses’ testimony:


Witness should not testify on anything that they did not personally observe. They should not form guesses as to why or how accidents happened. Rather, witnesses may only talk about what they actually saw.


Furthermore, opinions should not be included in witness statements. These types of judgements should be left to the jury. Therefore, witnesses should not form personal opinions or arguments regarding any issues in your case. Rather than making their own conclusions, witnesses must stick to the facts that they know to be true.


Lastly, witnesses should not offer statements regarding their feelings towards the outcome of an accident or their sympathy towards the accidents’ victims. Our Baltimore personal injury lawyers can help ensure witnesses do not include their feelings when drafting written testimony.

Types of Car Accident Witnesses in Maryland Car Accident Lawsuits

There are multiple types of witnesses that can testify in Maryland car accident lawsuits. The following are the types of witnesses that may offer statements in support of your claim:

First-Party Witnesses

First-party witnesses are those who were involved in your crash and have stakes in the outcome of your claim. For example, a driver or passenger involved in your crash may constitute a first-party witness. These types of witnesses can often explain the events that unfolded during the course of a collision. Our Ocean City car accident lawyers can help utilize first-party witness testimony in your case.

Third-Party Witnesses

Third-party witnesses are those who have no personal connection to the accident victims. The following are examples of third-party witnesses that may testify in car accident cases:

  • Cyclists
  • Pedestrians
  • Passengers and drivers of other vehicles not involved in your crash
  • People in nearby homes, shops, and businesses who may have heard or seen your collision

There are multiple ways that third-party witness testimony can help prove your case. You should contact our law firm for help reaching out to third-party witnesses for their potential cooperation.

Expert-Witness Testimony

Expert witnesses are considered experts because they have completed the necessary experience, education, and training in their respective fields. They are often used to explain complex theories of fault in car accident cases. For instance, an accident reconstruction expert can help identify the cause of an intersection accident. Furthermore, an economist may be used to establish future financial losses a victim will suffer because of their car accident injuries. You can reach out to our Pasadena car accident lawyers for help finding the right experts to support your claim.

How to Collect Witness Statements After a Car Accident in Maryland

If you were injured because of a car accident and are able to find a witness at the scene of the crash, then you should exchange contact information. Afterwards, you can contact our Maryland car accident attorneys for advice on how to proceed.

If the person appears cooperative and friendly, you may request to record a voice memo or video of them describing your crash. Alternatively, you could also have the witness sign and date a written statement.

Still, you should be cautious when approaching witnesses for their cooperation. If they feel that you are pressuring them into providing a statement, they may be less likely to cooperate.

Car Accident Victims in Maryland Can Contact Our Law Firm for Help

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