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After being injured in a truck accident in Washington County, victims should alert law enforcement officials and seek care. Then, victims can focus on suing a liable party for compensation.

Maryland’s at-fault insurance system for motor vehicle accidents makes it easier for victims of truck accidents to hold a negligent party accountable in Washington County. Its contributory negligence laws might make it more challenging for victims to recover compensation, especially if they are found to be partially at fault for their injuries. Fortunately for injured victims, truck accidents are typically caused by a negligent truck driver, trucking company, or third party, not a victim. If you have a viable case, you must bring it within three years to recover compensation in Washington County.

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Fault Laws for Truck Accidents in Washington County, MD

There are two important issues surrounding fault for truck accidents that victims in Washington County should be aware of. The first is that Maryland is an at-fault state for auto accidents. The second is that contributory negligence laws might impact victims’ access to compensation in certain circumstances.

At-Fault Insurance Laws

Maryland is an at-fault state for vehicle accidents, meaning victims do not need to purchase personal injury protection coverage in case of a crash. Instead, victims can immediately file a lawsuit against a negligent truck driver to recover compensation. Victims do not have to meet a serious injury threshold to bring a claim against an at-fault driver in Washington County.

Contributory Negligence

Maryland’s pure contributory negligence laws could affect your truck accident claim. In Washington County, victims that contribute to causing their injuries will be barred from recovery. This means if you also acted negligently in causing an accident, even if your level of fault was less than that of a defendant’s, you will be unable to seek compensation through a lawsuit. Because the state’s pure contributory negligence laws are so strict, our truck accident lawyers will seek to undermine any arguments by the defendant that you contributed to the collision in any way. Victims unaware of this rule might unknowingly accept fault during a lawsuit, barring them from recovering any damages.

Top Causes of Truck Accidents in Washington County, MD

Truck accidents in Washington County are typically caused by negligent long-haul drivers who might be overworked or otherwise drive recklessly.

Accidents involving semi trucks or other large vehicles might be caused by drowsy driving in Washington County. Drivers responsible for transporting goods across states might drive through the night and fall asleep at the wheel, losing control of their vehicles and injuring other drivers on the road.

Because trucks have larger blind spots than passenger cars, they might not see other vehicles when turning or merging lanes. Common locations for these accidents are highways and intersections. Trailers that are not properly secured to a large truck might become loose while traveling, hitting other cars.

Like any other auto collision, other top causes of truck accidents in Washington County include distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, failing to signal when turning or changing lanes, and reckless driving.

Calling the Washington County, MD Police After a Truck Accident

Because victims of truck accidents typically require compensation for their injuries, it is important for them to document their incident and initial damages by calling the police.

Any accident involving a truck that results in bodily injury or death must be reported to law enforcement officials in Washington County. When officers arrive at the accident location, they can create a police report that details the circumstances of the collision and notes the involved parties.

While police reports are inadmissible as evidence in truck accident lawsuits in Washington County, they can contain the contact information of eyewitnesses and other key details that might strengthen your claim for compensation. Testimony from police officers that responded to the scene can also be helpful to your case. In addition to calling the police, victims should also go to the hospital immediately after an accident involving a truck.

Liable Parties in a Truck Accident Claim in Washington County, MD

Liability for a victim’s injuries is not always clear following a truck accident in Washington County. While the truck driver might have caused your damages, the parent trucking company might be liable as well. In some cases, third parties are to blame for a victim’s injuries sustained in a truck accident.

Truck Driver

If a truck driver acted carelessly while operating their vehicle in Washington County and caused injury to you, you can file a lawsuit to hold them liable. If that is the case, you will have three years to file a claim in Washington County.

Trucking Company

Trucking companies have a responsibility to hire capable drivers in Washington County. If a trucking company failed to verify a driver’s abilities, or overworked a driver, causing them to become fatigued, they might be liable for your injuries, depending on the circumstances. Often, claims against large truck companies can result in greater damages for victims in Washington County, including punitive damages. The same statute of limitations of three years applies to claims against negligent trucking companies in Washington County.

Third Party

Trucks have poor response times and are unable to maneuver easily. If another driver on the road acted negligently, a truck driver might have been unable to move out of the way or might have been forced to move into another lane, striking you. This means that a third party, not initially assumed to be involved in an accident, could actually be liable for your damages in Washington County.

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