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The Ways Being in a Car Accident Can Change Your Life

Those who have experienced a car accident know that the impact of the crash can be the beginning of an altered life. Depending on the severity of the accident and injuries sustained, life may not return to normal for quite some time.

Accidents take their toll physically, psychologically and financially and can impact family members and loved ones of the victims of the crash as well.

If you’ve been in a car crash, know that you are not alone. It’s just not a fun time, but knowing what may lay ahead, or that others experience the same things you do, may help you feel prepared.

injured in a car accident in baltimoreYou May Develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Getting into a car accident is very stressful. You may be afraid to drive after a car crash, whether you were at fault or not.

Sometimes that fear to drive may extend for a long period of time, you experience very uncomfortable feelings while driving or even when you are not driving, or you start to avoid driving altogether. If that is the case, you might want to consider whether you’ve developed PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder.

The National Institute of Mental Health defines PTSD as a disorder that develops in some people who have experienced a shocking, scary or dangerous event.

It is natural to feel unsettled after experiencing a trauma, such as an auto collision, but most people recover from these feelings on their own. People with PTSD continue to feel frightened and stressed even when they are no longer in a dangerous situation.

Symptoms can vary, but if you have PTSD after an accident, you may experience flashbacks where you relive the accident over and over. You may have scary dreams and other frightening thoughts. Words, colors, images, sounds or situations that remind you of the crash may trigger you to feel you are experiencing the accident again.

A psychiatrist or psychologist can diagnosis PTSD. Common treatments include talk therapy, medication, or a combination of the two.

You may sustain long-lasting physical injuries

In a minor car accident, you may walk away with minimal cuts or bruises. In a serious automobile crash, your injuries may be long-lasting and life-changing.

Some injuries don’t manifest symptoms right away. It’s critical to seek medical attention immediately in anything but a minor car crash to make sure you are not seriously hurt even if you feel OK.

More serious injuries include:

  • Head and brain injuries–Traumatic brain injuries are complicated injuries. the can be difficult to diagnose. If not treated properly they can cause long-lasting problems with brain function.
  • Internal bleeding–This is a dangerous condition that requires medical attention right away. If there’s any chance you may have suffered from internal bleeding, seek care immediately as this condition can be life-threatening.
  • Spinal cord injuries such as herniated disc–The sudden impact from a car crash can cause a disc in your spine to herniate where the soft jelly-like inside oozes out in a rupture. If pressed on a nerve, this condition is very painful. Other spinal injuries can lead to paralysis or loss of feeling in extremities.
  • Burn or amputation injuries–These injuries leave can leave person disfigured for a lifetime.
  • Soft tissue injuries involving muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves–Whiplash happens in a car crash when your body jerks very suddenly. the trauma can strain muscles and other soft tissues and can take time to heal.

There is nothing you would like more than to reverse time and make the car crash disappear. But short of that, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Speak to a compassionate car accident attorney who has experience winning settlements and court trials for victims of car accidents.

You may experience short-term injuries

Even injuries that don’t impact you for years can be very painful and can cause you to lose time from work. You may be out of commission for days, weeks or months as you heal. All the while, the medical bills pile up.

baltimore wrongful death attorneyYou may have lost a loved one because of a car accident

Little could be more devastating than wrongful death resulting from a car accident. Your loved one is suddenly gone.

If that person was the primary breadwinner in the household, the family may be left scrambling to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy.

At a time like this, the last thing you might want to do is call a lawyer, and yet the right attorney can help you pursue justice on behalf of your loved one.

And that lawyer can help you get just compensation from your losses so you can provide for your family after the tragedy.

Your Car Insurance Premiums May Go Up if You Were at Fault

According to an study, making a claim of $2,000 claim or more can increase in annual premiums by 41% nationally.

In Maryland, that figure is between 20-29.9%. Those figures, however, were based on a driver with no previous claims and no lapse in coverage. Rates only increase if you are at fault in a car accident.

In Maryland, and not in all states, insurance rates are also determined by non-driving factors including education, occupation, marital status and your credit history.

best baltimore personal injury attorneysYour medical bills are sky-rocketing

If your crash was serious, you’re going to need serious medical attention. and that costs money. It’s bad enough that you were injured.

Now you also are wondering how you will ever pay for all your medical bills.

The right personal injury lawyer will work diligently to get you compensated justly to make that financial stress disappear. We work on a contingency fee basis so you won’t pay unless we win your case. and the initial consultation is free.

You may need time off work

If your injuries are serious, you may need to miss some time from work to recover. This may not only results in lost wages, but may jeopardize your job security.

If you were injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be represented by an attorney who will work to compensate you for your lost earnings.

towson car accident lawyerYou May Suddenly be Without a Car

In many places in United States, it is difficult to get around without a car. We don’t realize how much we need one, until we are without.

Property damage is a major concern for those who have been in a car accident. We want our cars fixed right away.

What many people don’t realize is they are entitled to a diminished value reimbursement claim through their car insurance if they are not at fault and the vehicle is not totaled. In addition to getting the repairs paid for, the insurance company will mail you a check for the value lost to your car from the accident. This is not something insurance companies regularly offer up on their own. But it is your legal right.

If you’re the victim of a car accident that was not your fault, you deserve an attorney who will take charge of the legal proceedings so you can focus on your recovery. There’s a lot to deal with after a vehicle crash. Baltimore car accident lawyer Randolph Rice work to get you compensated for your pain and suffering and financial losses. Call (410) 694-7291, or contact us online, to schedule your free consultation.