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Can You Get More Money from a Car Accident Without a Lawyer in Maryland?

If you were involved in a severe car accident, you are likely facing a number of expenses, from vehicle repairs to medical bills. In addition to filing a claim with your insurance company, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for your accident. However, filing a lawsuit without an experienced attorney can severely harm your case. If you were severely injured in a car accident, you should consult with an experienced Baltimore car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Rice, Murtha & Psoras is committed to fighting for victims of car accidents. We recognize how a serious accident can change a victim’s life, and we are here for you in your time of need. Rice, Murtha & Psoras is here to explain whether you can get more money from a car accident without a lawyer.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Car accidents can potentially result in a victim suffering a life-changing injury that can severely impact their professional and personal life. After being involved in a car accident, a victim has about three options to seek compensation for their injuries:

  1. Seek compensation from the insurance company that insures their vehicle
  2. Seek compensation from the insurance company that insures the negligent driver’s vehicle
  3. File a personal injury lawsuit to earn damages for their injuries, vehicle repairs, and other related expenses

A victim can seek compensation without the aid of an experienced attorney. However, if a victim does not hire a lawyer, it is not a guarantee that their case will automatically result in a more substantial amount of money earned for their injuries and other expenses. it is understandable that a victim may be concerned about paying a lawyer their fee for a personal injury case. However, there are various benefits to working with a lawyer on your case.

Accurate Evaluation of Damages

An experienced attorney will work diligently to ensure that you pursue the compensation that you deserve. For example, if you broke bones during a car wreck that also resulted in your vehicle being totaled, there are various factors that should be considered when requesting damages.

One factor that should be evaluated is the cost of current and future medical expenses. For instance, if your injury was so severe that you require physical therapy for weeks or months after the car crash, it is important to consider this when requesting damages. Additionally, if the car accident resulted in a loss of wages due to the inability to work, the victim should also include this when calculating damages.

An experienced attorney will be better equipped to evaluate the value of your case to ensure that you receive the compensation you need to handle your car accident expenses.

Acting without a lawyer may encourage an insurance company or defendant to attempt to offer a settlement that is insufficient to meet your needs. This is especially true if a victim is seeking compensation from an insurance company. Insurance companies have an interest in minimizing the amount of money paid for an injury claim. As a result, the insurance company may offer a victim an insufficient settlement amount to avoid significantly harming their profits.

Compliance with State Laws

Filing a personal injury lawsuit in Maryland requires that a claimant adheres to a number of laws. If a serious mistake is made when filing or litigating a lawsuit, it can seriously impact a victim’s case. In some circumstances, the victim could have their case delayed due to an error. In severe cases, a mistake in a case could mean that the plaintiff’s case will be dismissed.

Our firm can help you remain in compliance with Maryland laws to ensure that your case is properly filed and litigated.

There are various other benefits to hiring an attorney to work on your case. Our firm is here to help you seek the compensation you deserve for your personal injury case. To learn more about when to file a personal injury lawsuit, continue reading and speak with an experienced Baltimore personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Lawsuits in Maryland

The statute of limitations determines the length of time that a person has to file a lawsuit. the filing deadline is subject to change depending on the type of case that a victim wishes to file with the court. it is important to avoid making assumptions about when how long you have to file your lawsuit. An incorrect assumption regarding the statute of limitations could result in a number of problems for a victim.

In Maryland, the statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit is three years after the date of the accident. If a victim does not file their lawsuit within three years, they risk the possibility of losing the right to seek compensation for their injuries. Specifically, the defendant in the case can request that the court dismiss the lawsuit for a violation of the statute of limitations.

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