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Those hurt in motorcycle accidents can turn to our experienced attorneys for help holding negligent drivers accountable in Eldersburg.

When an accident happens, we can begin investigating it right away by reviewing the police report, speaking with you about the crash, surveying the accident area, and interviewing eyewitnesses. We can help you overcome common challenges motorcyclists face when seeking compensation, like Maryland’s pure contributory fault rules. The time limitation on filing injury claims is three years, but your case could take longer than that to conclude, depending on the path you take. Though motorcyclists cannot always avoid negligent drivers, they can lower their risk of sustaining serious injuries by wearing the necessary protective gear and following traffic rules.

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Investigating Motorcycle Accidents that Occur in Eldersburg

In the aftermath of a collision in Eldersburg, our team can launch an investigation into the motorcycle accident. Starting this process quickly will be important, so initiate your case immediately.

We can begin our investigation by reviewing the accident with you in detail. Do your best to give a factual account of what happened. We might ask you in-depth questions about the accident and your own actions to gauge the possibility of the defendant employing a contributory fault defense.

Our attorneys can also review the accident report after obtaining it from law enforcement in Eldersburg. This report will outline the basic details of the crash, like its date, location, and time. The report will also note the negligent driver’s name and insurance information.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers can continue investigating your case by surveying the accident location and obtaining footage from nearby surveillance systems. Furthermore, we will interview eyewitnesses to the crash and may source expert witnesses to review certain matters and testify in court.

Overcoming Common Challenges in Eldersburg Motorcycle Accident Claims

Even if a driver’s negligence appears clear to you, you might face challenges in your lawsuit. Our attorneys can help you anticipate and overcome common issues with compensation claims so your recovery is unaffected.

For example, one of the most common issues victims face surrounds Maryland’s pure contributory fault laws. A victim cannot recover any damages if they are at all responsible for an accident. Overcoming a pure contributory fault defense, whether by proving you did not contribute to the collision or the defendant had the last clear chance to avoid the collision, will be important for your recovery.

Furthermore, though motorcycle accident injuries are often serious, victims might not build sufficient medical evidence to support their claims. You cannot connect the defendant’s negligence to your physical injuries or various damages without proof of injury. Because of this, you must go to the hospital immediately following the accident and then continue getting care throughout your claim.

We can assess your case to identify its possible weaknesses and consider ways to strengthen your chances of success in Eldersburg.

Time Limitation on Filing Injury Lawsuits for Motorcycle Accidents in Eldersburg

Maryland sets a specific time limit for victims of motorcycle accidents to file lawsuits. That limitation does not impact how long it will take to resolve your claim in Eldersburg.

According to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101, the statute of limitations for injury claims is three years. As we prepare your case, we will collect proof of your damages and add up all losses so that we can calculate your deserved recovery.

You will have three years from the date of the collision to file your lawsuit, but after you file, the lawsuit could take any amount of time to complete. Once you submit your complaint, the court will notify the defendant. The defendant may then want to discuss settling out of court, which could be a viable option for you. Viability will depend on various factors, such as the sum of your damages and whether or not the defendant gives you a fair option.

Defendants might intentionally try to drag out these negotiations, so victims become desperate for compensation and accept unfair offers. Our attorneys can help you identify such tactics and decide if accepting an offer or proceeding with a trial would result in the best recovery.

Lowering the Risk of Injury from Motorcycle Accidents in Eldersburg

Motorcyclists can lower their risk of injury from negligent drivers by carefully following all traffic rules and wearing the necessary safety gear required by law in Maryland.

For example, wearing a helmet can lower your risk of sustaining a head injury by 69%, which is substantial. Furthermore, Md. Code, Transp. Art. § 21-1306 requires all motorcyclists to wear the proper protective headgear. Since motorcycles lack seat belts, the impact from a collision might push a rider off their vehicle and onto the road. The impact of a victim’s head on the pavement could cause a fatal traumatic brain injury, the chances of which increase when victims do not wear helmets.

Riders can further reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by strictly following all traffic laws pertaining to motorcyclists. For example, you should never engage in lane splitting and should not weave in and out of traffic while riding your motorcycle in Eldersburg.

Always use headlights at night, as negligent drivers’ failure to see motorcyclists on the road is a top cause of motorcycle accidents. Furthermore, wear protective clothing when riding your bike and be wary of unpaved roads or streets with large potholes or other defects.

If an accident does happen, do not underestimate the injuries you might have. Severe injuries, like internal injuries, might lurk just below the surface but may still require medical attention and could worsen if ignored.

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