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As ridesharing becomes more common, accidents due to negligent Uber and Lyft drivers also become more frequent. If you were hurt as a passenger of a rideshare car in Eldersburg, you can seek recovery through a lawsuit.

During your lawsuit, you must show how the defendant’s actions have impacted you. For example, if you incurred medical damages from an Uber or Lyft accident, you should keep records of those bills and charges. Furthermore, if you cannot work because of your injuries, tell our lawyers, and we can calculate your damages from lost wages. In addition to economic damages, victims may also get compensation for emotional losses. To get these damages, you must file your lawsuit no later than three years from the accident date in Eldersburg.

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Tracking Damages from Eldersburg Uber and Lyft Car Crashes

During your lawsuit, you must present proof of your damages in addition to proving the negligent driver’s fault. Because of this, you should start tracking your damages from an accident as soon as you incur them.

Property Damage

When rideshare passengers are hurt in accidents, they might incur property damage for a broken phone, laptop, or other personal item. Negligent Uber drivers could also hurt other drivers in an accident, resulting in property damage to one victim’s vehicle. Document property damage by photographing it and getting it assessed.

Medical Damages

Lyft and Uber passengers often sit in the backseats of cars, making them vulnerable to specific injuries. For example, backseat passengers could strike their heads on the back of the front seat or side window. This can result in head injuries such as concussions, lacerations, or contusions, depending on the location and severity of the impact.

Wearing a seat belt as a rideshare car passenger is crucial. You are not protected from injury just because you might choose to sit in the backseat of a vehicle.

Whatever your injuries might be, you must document all medical care you receive for them and keep track of the cost of that treatment. We can keep a record of all medical bills throughout your claim so that we can request an accurate amount in economic damages.

In addition to proving your injuries exist, medical records can speak to the severity of your injuries, possibly aiding your recovery of non-financial damages in Eldersburg.

Lost Wages

Auto accident injuries might physically inhibit victims so severely that they cannot go back to work for some time. Our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers can note the first day you could not work because of your injuries and calculate your lost wages according to your previous income and employment history.

Certain motor vehicle accident injuries are long-lasting. For example, suppose you were sitting in the backseat of a Lyft when another car hit the vehicle from the side, resulting in crushing injuries. These injuries might not heal by the end of your case, meaning you could continue to lose income. To address this situation, our lawyers can present proof that compels the jury to award you compensation for future lost wages not yet incurred.

Emotional Damages

Car accidents often have psychological effects on victims in Eldersburg and elsewhere. In light of this, victims can often pursue claims for pain and suffering. Suppose you accept a settlement from Uber or Lyft’s insurance. In that case, it might not cover all of your economic and non-economic damages, which is why victims may choose to sue negligent drivers.

Victims can track their emotional damages in various ways. For example, you could write about emotional distress or anxiety in a journal. You could also speak with a mental health professional, who could then testify about your pain and suffering and the accident’s impact on your life and general well-being.

Additional Out-of-Pocket Expenses

In addition to medical costs and lost wages, claims can cover additional out-of-pocket expenses from a Lyft or Uber crash in Eldersburg. For example, if you incurred transportation costs for visits to and from the hospital, document them so we can get compensation for them. Other compensable out-of-pocket costs include child care, in-house medical assistance, and assistive devices and equipment.

How to File Lyft and Uber Accident Claims in Eldersburg

The complaint you file with the court will set the basis for your compensation claim, so it must be accurate and thorough. Our attorneys can help you prepare and submit this complaint on time to avoid unnecessary issues.

The heart of your complaint will center around a factual description of why you are bringing the claim, how the accident happened, what the defendant did, the extent of your injuries, and the total damages you hope to recover.

Your complaint may not include Uber or Lyft, as these companies often shield themselves from liability by hiring independent contractors instead of regular employees. Furthermore, you should not automatically assume that the rideshare driver is at fault or is the only one to blame. Car accidents are chaotic; another driver might have acted negligently or initiated the accident. We can get to the root of the cause so there is no confusion regarding who the defendant in your claim should be.

According to Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101, you must file your claim within three years of the crash. If you do not, the court could throw out your lawsuit, and you may not have an alternative route to compensation. The more time we have to prepare your claim, the better, so do not delay initiating the investigation stage after an accident in Eldersburg.

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