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How to Tell if Pitocin Caused Your Birth Injury in Maryland

Bringing a child into the world should be a joyous occasion. Unfortunately, when doctors act negligently during labor and administer too much Pitocin, labor can prove disastrous. That’s why it’s important for parents in Maryland to learn how to tell if Pitocin caused their babies’ birth injuries.

Often, Pitocin-related birth injuries happen because of uterine hyperstimulation. Pitocin induces labor, causing the uterus to contract, sometimes too severely. This can cause brain damage, heart failure, and even death. If your contractions felt too intense during labor, or you noticed certain complications in yourself or your child after birth, reach out to an attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you understand whether or not Pitocin caused your child’s injuries and how to file a lawsuit against a negligent hospital or doctor in Maryland.

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How Can Pitocin Cause Birth Injuries to Babies Born in Maryland?

Pitocin is a drug that Maryland doctors may administer to expectant mothers to induce labor. It can speed up labor and aid delivery, which is why it is commonly used during childbirth. That said, Pitocin can be dangerous, especially when taken in high quantities.

The most common way Pitocin causes birth injuries to newborns in Maryland is by encouraging intense contractions. Pitocin, a synthetic version of the hormone oxytocin, tells your muscles to start moving, which often triggers contractions. When Pitocin is administered too heavily, contractions can be severe. This can cause a condition known as uterine hyperstimulation, which can result in birth injuries.

Pitocin can have negative effects on both mothers and babies during childbirth. Too much Pitocin in the mother’s body can cause damage to the uterus, including tears and ruptures. If the placenta tears, which is possible when mothers are given heavy doses of Pitocin, it can be very dangerous. Torn placentas essentially eliminate airflow to a baby, which can result in serious birth injuries.

While Pitocin can certainly be helpful to expectant mothers during childbirth, it can be dangerous if not administered properly. If a negligent doctor gave you too much Pitocin during labor or administered it without your knowledge, reach out to a Maryland birth injury lawyer. It’s important to learn whether or not your child’s birth injuries were caused by negligence and Pitocin.

Identifying Pitocin Complications During Birth in Maryland

If during labor and delivery, something feels off, it can be difficult for Maryland mothers to speak up. Often, doctors assure expectant parents that nothing is wrong, that their babies are fine, and that everything will be okay. If you notice that your child is injured after birth and think a Maryland doctor gave you too much Pitocin during labor, it’s important to learn whether or not those two things are related.

Labor and delivery can be chaotic and overwhelming. There are doctors and nurses everywhere, and the potential for complications often brings about intense emotions. Parents may be unaware of issues caused by doctors, like negligently administering Pitocin, until it is too late. That said, it’s important to be able to look back on your birthing experience to identify the signs that Pitocin may have caused your child’s birth injuries.

If you’ve given birth in the past, compare your recent contractions to those you’ve felt before. Did your most recent delivery feel more intense? More painful? Did your contractions feel bigger or longer? If so, a negligent Maryland doctor may have given you too much Pitocin.

Next, evaluate your child’s birth injuries. If your baby has a brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen during labor, Pitocin may be the culprit. Pitocin can also cause neonatal seizures in the weeks after a child is born. If you’re unsure whether or not Pitocin caused your baby’s condition, ask an experienced Maryland personal injury lawyer. Pitocin’s effects on the mother’s body during birth can also harm a baby in many ways.

Finally, evaluate your health. Too much Pitocin can cause heart failure in birthing mothers as well as other complications. For example, excess Pitocin can cause a uterus to rupture, which can prove fatal for mothers and babies.

Can You File a Maryland Lawsuit if Pitocin Caused Your Baby’s Birth Injury?

If you suspect that a negligent doctor gave you too much Pitocin during labor, resulting in your child’s birth injuries, you may want to get justice. Parents need to know whether or not they can sue a negligent Maryland doctor because of Pitocin-related birth injuries.

You might be able to file a birth injury lawsuit in Maryland if a doctor acted negligently during your labor and delivery. Pitocin, like many drugs, should only be administered in certain amounts and over the course of specific time periods. A mother’s weight, medical history, and other factors should also inform a doctor’s actions. If a negligent doctor administers too much Pitocin to induce labor without concern for appropriate dosages, our Towson personal injury lawyers can hold them accountable in a lawsuit.

After realizing your child’s birth injuries, you may be shocked if you also learn that a doctor gave you Pitocin. During the chaos of childbirth, parents may be unaware of the specific drugs and medication a doctor administers. In fact, some Maryland doctors may administer Pitocin without a mother’s knowledge. If that happened to you and your child suffered because of it, reach out to a Maryland birth injury lawyer right away.

Labor can be a long process. Doctors who wish to speed things up may choose to administer Pitocin when unnecessary. Unfortunately, such negligent behavior can have serious consequences for mothers and their newborn children. That’s why it is important to consult an attorney to learn whether you can have a case against a negligent Maryland doctor.

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