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Maryland Single Vehicle Car Accidents Attorney

When people hear the words “car accident” they often picture two vehicles mangled together. However, accidents can also be only one vehicle. A vehicle can strike a guardrail, tree pole or any other inanimate object causing a single vehicle crash. These types of accidents are not uncommon and often lead to the question of who is at fault. That question can be answered by first determining what factors contributed to the accident.

Have you been involved in a single vehicle accident? Did you even think about calling a lawyer? Were your first thoughts that your insurance alone had to cover the damages because you were the only vehicle involved? Well, that may not be true, depending on how the liability and causation questions are answered. If you have been in a single vehicle crash and believe that outside factors beyond your control caused the accident, contact an experienced Baltimore personal injury attorney.

Factors that Contribute to the Accident

When thinking about single car accidents many people jump right to the assumption that the driver is somehow at fault. Rather it be driving under the influence or falling asleep at the wheel. However, there are outside factors beyond the driver’s control that can cause the vehicle to lose control and crash.

Defects with the car

Have you ever been driving along and all of a sudden your car decided it was going to break down? Sometimes that happens with age and increased mileage on your car. That oftentimes falls on the driver of the vehicle to maintain the car. However, if you are driving and the airbags deploy on their own causing you to crash, that may be due to a defect in the car. If your car was unfortunate enough to be defective that falls under product liability. If you were unfortunate enough that you were in an accident and injured, you have a personal injury case due to the product being defective.

Unkempt roads

Potholes, cracks, faded or no lines and uneven roads are bound to occur. However, it is the responsibility of the State to maintain safe driving roads and if they fail to maintain their duty of care they can be held responsible in a court of law. If you hit a pothole, causing your tire to go flat, causing you to hit a pole, that is not your fault. If there were defects in the road and the State failed to fix it or at least notify the drivers by a cone then you have a case for your single car accident.

Ineffective or hidden road signs

Just like it is the State’s duty to maintain safe roads, it is their duty to maintain signs to keep the flow of traffic. If a red-light device breaks or there are trees covering speed limit signs then you have an argument that the accident was not your fault. Liability does not fall on the driver to guess what the speed limit is or whether the light is red or green due to a malfunction.

Negligent driving by a second driver

Oftentimes the negligence of another driver causes accidents because the responsible driver tries to avoid a collision. This can lead single car crashes because the responsible driver runs off the road due to excess swerving. If another car was speeding, weaving in between lanes, or tailgating you excessively and you trying to avoid that driver caused you to get into an accident, you have a case. These types of cases can be difficult to prove, especially if there is no proof and you have no identification of that car. But if you believe another drivers negligence is to blame, come in for a free consultation.

Debris on the road

Have you ever been driving along when suddenly you had to swerve because there was some debris on the road? It can be trash, furniture, or even a piece of another vehicle. No matter what it is, it is dangerous and can cause you to get into a single car accident. If you have been injured in an accident due to road debris, you need a lawyer.


When determining who is going to be liable for the damages, the court looks at what caused the accident. If the driver in the accident did not cause the accident, then what did? If it was another driver who was driving negligently who caused the accident, this is an important factor. In order to prove this, witnesses or video footage is required. Especially so if the second negligent driver did not stop after causing the accident.

If the accident was caused by road debris, defective roads or hidden signs, you may have a case against the State for not maintaining safe roads. In order to prove this, again, you will either need witnesses or photographs showing the dangerous roads conditions or lack of posted signs.

If your car was defective causing it to malfunction causing the accident, then you have a case against the car manufacturer. A factor that would heavily influence your case here is whether the car manufacturer knew about the defect and if so, did they warn the owners of the car.

If you have been involved in a single vehicle car accident, you may not be at fault. If any of the above conditions occurred, outside factors influenced the accident. If you or a loved one were injured from a single car accident and believe that you were not at fault, contact a Baltimore personal injury attorney.

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