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Pedestrians, sadly, get injured by motor vehicles every day. Unlike in vehicle-on-vehicle accidents, where passengers may avoid serious injury thanks to safety features, pedestrians take the full brunt of getting hit by a car and will likely get badly hurt. Victims of pedestrian accidents end up with broken bones, internal bleeding, and more. The cost of recovering from those kinds of injuries can easily reach enormous amounts, and the time it takes to return to “normal” can also end up being months or even years.

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Injuries Pedestrians Can Receive in Accidents in Milford Mill, MD

Pedestrians are not protected in the same way that motorists are. The only shield they really have is traffic laws and the responsibility of every other driver. Sure, someone walking down the sidewalk can make an effort to get out of the way, but oncoming vehicles are much faster than people, and most individuals, naturally, do not expect to have a car barreling down toward them as they go about their day. Accordingly, pedestrians often get badly injured in these accidents.

Broken Bones

When you get forcefully knocked over by something heavy like a car, it should be no surprise that breaking some of your bones is a real possibility. Indeed, pedestrians struck by motor vehicles may suffer broken arms, legs, ribs, or other parts of the body. Depending on the severity of the break, slings, casts, or even surgery may be required to make a proper recovery.


Bruising is caused by blood vessels breaking underneath the skin and is generally the result of blunt trauma. Normally, bruising will heal on its own. However, bruising in a large area – or bruising that does not go away – could be indicative of something more serious like internal bleeding.

Another injury a pedestrian may get when hit by a car that is similar to a bruise is an abrasion. Abrasions are caused by the intense application of friction on a person’s skin. Common kinds of abrasions you may be familiar with include skinned knees and elbows, alongside other cuts and scrapes. Most of the time, abrasions are minor injuries that require simple sanitation of the wound and a bandage to heal. However, abrasions in a pedestrian accident – such as those gained from skidding across a sidewalk or pavement – can be much more serious, especially if they are around the eyes or face. Major abrasions can also cause significant bleeding, which is a serious medical concern.

Head Injuries

It should be no surprise that a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle is likely to smack their head hard on something. When this happens, it is incredibly common for the victim to face a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even less serious versions of TBIs, like concussions, can have nasty side effects like memory loss and mood swings. More severe traumatic brain injuries can even result in death.

Psychological Injuries

Not all injuries you receive may be visible. There is a significant mental cost for many plaintiffs injured in these kinds of accidents. Some may be fearful of crossing the street, be hyper-alert, or simply become depressed because their injuries limit what they can do in their life. Injuries like these can lead to a diagnosis of something like post-traumatic stress disorder or another condition.

Damages You Can Seek in Milford Mill, MD Pedestrian Accident Claims

The goal of a pedestrian accident lawsuit is to get damages from the defendant. The idea is to get you back to a similar position to where you were prior to getting hurt. You can seek damages for many different things after a pedestrian accident, including:

Medical Expenses

Plaintiffs who suffer serious injuries after getting hit by a motor vehicle often have large medical bills that need to be paid – even with the assistance of good health insurance policies. Accordingly, you can have the defendant compensate you for that financial burden. You can be awarded damages not just for current and past medical expenses but also ones you are expected to incur in the future because of the injuries the defendant caused or made worse.

Lost Income Damages

You are also able to obtain damages from lost income. This includes pay you did not earn because you were in recovery instead of working, differences in pay if you had to switch jobs, or projected future income in cases where you need to quit working altogether due to your injuries.

Pain and Suffering

Damages for items like lost income or medical expenses can be proven through physical evidence like bills, pay stubs, and receipts. However, you may also ask for damages based on factors that may not be able to be supported with physical evidence. Chief among those things is damages for “pain and suffering.” This includes both the physical and emotional effects of your injuries brought on by your accident. If you, say, experienced extreme pain while recovering and also recurring nightmares about getting hit by cars while crossing the street, you could get damages for both of those things.

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