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Rideshare accidents are frightening, and recovery is often crucial for victims because of the injuries they sustain. Recovery is possible when victims file claims against negligent parties.

Generally, the only liable parties for Uber and Lyft accidents are rideshare drivers or other drivers on the road, not rideshare companies. These companies are set up in such a way that makes holding them liable for drivers’ actions rarely possible. Regardless, you should do several things at the accident scene, including getting all drivers’ insurance information and calling the police. You can then focus on building medical evidence confirming your injuries and necessary treatment, which we can use in your lawsuit for compensation in Milford Mill.

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Possible Defendants in Uber or Lyft Accident Lawsuits in Milford Mill

After rideshare accidents, victims might assume they can sue companies like Uber or Lyft directly. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. However, just because rideshare companies cannot be defendants does not mean you cannot file a lawsuit against other parties.

Instead of hiring drivers as regular workers, rideshare companies hire independent contractors. This helps companies like Lyft and Uber avoid being vicariously liable for accidents. Because of this, you most likely will not be able to sue the rideshare company for your recent accident in Milford Mill.

However, you could sue the driver if they caused the accident. If another driver on the road contributed to or caused the crash, we could help you bring a claim against them as well.

Even though victims typically cannot sue rideshare companies, Lyft and Uber provide liability insurance in cases of accidents, which could cover your injuries and damages, depending on how costly they are. For example, rideshare passengers who are hurt in accidents can get up to $1 million per accident from rideshare liability insurance. We can explain the rideshare liability insurance coverage limits for different accident situations and help you decide your next steps.

How to Gather Information at an Uber or Lyft Crash Scene in Milford Mill

Victims should gather certain information at the scene of an accident, whether or not it involves a rideshare car. For example, they should get all parties’ insurance information, ask eyewitnesses if they saw what happened, call the police, and take pictures to preserve evidence.

Get Involved Parties’ Information

Start by getting the rideshare driver’s insurance information. They might have extra coverage because they work for a rideshare company. Apart from getting their information, do not discuss the accident in detail with the negligent Lyft or Uber driver. Even though contributory negligence might not impact these cases often, avoid situations where you could misspeak or apologize in any way to the driver. This is important, as Maryland’s contributory negligence rules bar victims from recovery for being at all negligent.

Do the same for other parties involved in the collision. For example, if the rideshare driver hits another car, you should also get that driver’s information.

Speak to Eyewitnesses

You can also talk to people who might have witnessed the accident and get their information. Our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers may interview eyewitnesses to obtain their statements in support of your claim in Milford Mill.

Call the Police

Victims should also promptly call the police and remain at the accident scene until officers arrive. Tell law enforcement what happened and get the number for the corresponding police report, which can make accessing the report easier in the future.

Take Pictures

Using your phone, try to take pictures of the accident scene if you can. This can help preserve evidence related to property damage to involved vehicles, which could aid accident reconstruction experts in determining the accident’s cause. Because of this, you should take photos of any apparent property damage to vehicles, debris on the street, and your visible injuries while still at the accident site in Milford Mill.

Building Medical Evidence for Your Rideshare Injury Claim in Milford Mill

When suing for injury in Milford Mill or elsewhere, victims must prove that they have, in fact, sustained injuries from a defendant’s negligence. This will require medical evidence, which you can start generating immediately after an incident occurs.

The risk of injury for backseat passengers depends on several factors, such as the location of impact and whether or not they have seat belts on. That said, rideshare passengers could sustain various injuries in accidents, ranging from fractures to spinal cord injuries.

All accident injuries require medical evaluation. At the accident scene, accept care from emergency medical professionals. Let them take you to the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment. There, you can get your injuries assessed and diagnosed and start building medical evidence our lawyers can use in your case.

Getting continuous medical care is just as important as getting immediate medical care following a rideshare accident in Milford Mill. If you have gaps in your medical treatment, you might appear uncommitted with your physical or financial recovery. Be sure to get all necessary surgeries, therapies, and other treatments so that your medical records are thorough.

When to File Your Milford Mill Uber or Lyft Injury Claim

Lawsuits take time to prepare, and victims only have a set window of time during which they can file lawsuits. With that in mind, you should initiate your case right away.

As laid out in Md. Code, Cts. & Jud. Proc. Art., § 5-101, rideshare accident victims must file lawsuits within three years to recover damages. Exceptions to the statute of limitations rarely apply to motor vehicle accident cases, making it even more important for victims to start preparing their claims as soon as possible.

Although you will have three years to file your lawsuit, delaying your case unnecessarily for months or years could harm your recovery.

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