Find a Glen Burnie Personal Injury Lawyer

Glen Burnie Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one in Glen Burnie, Maryland or Anne Arundel County have been injured in a personal injury accident, contact the Glen Burnie personal injury lawyer with the Randolph Rice injury attorneys. Their attorneys are trusted and respected in the Glen Burnie Courts and feared by the insurance companies that defend negligent drivers.

If you have been injured, you have a time limit that you must file a claim with the other driver. In Maryland, this is call the “statute of limitations.”  Injured parties have up to 3 years from the date of the accident to file a claim. Injuries may not present themselves immediately after an accident. In many cases, the injury and pain may take days if not weeks to appear. If you think you have been hurt in an accident in Glen Burnie, make sure you talk to our personal injury lawyers today for immediate legal advice.

Get Help From our Glen Burnie Personal Injury Lawyer

The Randolph Rice injury attorneys are ready to help fight for your rights and compensations after an accident. All consultations with the Randolph Rice injury attorneys are free and they even pay the costs associated with investigating your accident injury case. There is no out of pocket expenses when you hire the Randolph Rice injury attorneys in Glen Burnie, Md, they like to say, “No Fee, Unless we Win.”

The legal fees are paid from the accident proceeds after a verdict or settlement. In addition, the Randolph Rice injury attorneys will make sure you medical bills and lost wages are paid and reimbursed from the accident settlement or verdict in Glen Burnie.

Car Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Glen Burnie is a major city in Anne Arundel County and with so many major highways and roads, the accident rates are higher than most other parts of Maryland. The experienced and trusted Glen Burnie personal injury lawyers work to ensure you are informed throughout the entire process. From the first phone call to the settlement check, the Randolph Rice injury attorneys at there for you and your well-being.

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, every time you get on the road, there is a chance of an accident. Other drivers are distracted by their mobile phones or impaired drunk drivers that act in a negligent and reckless manner. That type of driving makes the roads in Glen Burnie a danger to everyone else.

Glen Burnie Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers

What makes the Randolph Rice Injury Lawyers the right choice for your personal injury case? Their lawyers have been fighting the insurance companies and winning for their clients since 2006. The founder and lead attorney, Randolph Rice, has spent his entire legal career in the Courtroom. Making sure that the responsible people pay for the injuries they cause.

Trucking accidents are particularly dangerous and devastating to drivers and passengers in Glen Burnie. With I-97 and Route 2 in Anne Arundel County, many of the State’s big rigs and heavy trucks drive on these roads everyday. Truck drivers are like every other driver on the road. They are distracted or sometimes impaired. The oversight of truck drivers can have grave consequences for other vehicles and their occupants.

If you’ve been hurt in Glen Burnie, Md., and you have questions about your rights and how you’re going to recover from an accident. Contact the Glen Burnie personal injury lawyers with the Randolph Rice injury attorneys at 410.844.5333 to schedule a free consultations and case review.

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