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If you were injured in an accident, no matter how severely, you could face damages that should be compensated by the parties responsible for the accident.  This is the foundation of personal injury law: to try to make the victim “whole” again by reimbursing them for all expenses.  In the case of mental anguish, emotional distress, and pain and suffering, monetary damages can also be issued.

Getting these damages, however, is not always simple.  Defendants – especially companies and corporations – will often put up a fight, as will their insurance companies’ legal teams.  For this reason alone, it is vital to have a lawyer represent you in your injury case.

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When to Get a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case in Pikesville, MD

Injury victims often ask when they should get a lawyer and when they can handle their case on their own.  The answer might be a bit surprising: you should always have a lawyer review your injury case.  Technically speaking, you never “need” a lawyer and can always handle your case pro se if you want to.  Moreover, cases you might consider “simple” can often be paid through insurance claims without the absolute need for an attorney.  However, you might not know what damages you can claim or how to properly calculate these damages, and insurance companies often take advantage of that fact in order to undercut your claim or pay out low damages.

Our personal injury lawyers can help you calculate damages in your case, whether your injuries are minor or major.  We can help you know what your case should be worth and we can help you account for anything that might reduce the damages – or increase them.

If you faced any injuries in an accident case, you will have damages.  No case is too small to take to a personal injury lawyer for advice on what to do.  Our injury attorneys also typically work off a contingency fee, which means that you do not need to pay for our services unless and until you win your case.  That means our services come at no initial cost, and any payment for our services comes out of the winnings rather than straight out of your pocket.

If that still leaves you with questions about whether you should really call a lawyer on your case, our attorneys also offer free case reviews.  We can discuss your case and let you know how our services can be put to use for you in the specific case at hand rather than in the abstract.

As for the timing of your call, it is never too early to call a lawyer.  Waiting to call a lawyer can hurt your case, especially if you wait beyond the statute of limitations period.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Pikesville, MD Lawyers Can Help With

Our attorneys handle all types of personal injury cases.  From parking lot accidents to birth injuries and from construction accidents to wrongful death, our lawyers can help you pursue damages against the relevant parties and work to get you the compensation you deserve rather than the compensation the insurance companies are willing to pay.

The following are some of the areas of practice we pride ourselves on:

Birth Injuries

Families welcoming a newborn should be celebrating one of the happiest days of their lives, but many deliveries are fraught with complications.  In some of these cases, the complications were avoidable, and it is only through the doctor’s mistakes or underestimations that the child ends up facing injuries.  Some of these birth injuries can even lead to lifelong disabilities.

Medical Malpractice

While birth injuries are a form of medical malpractice, our lawyers also help patients and families dealing with other instances of negligent medical care.  From anesthesia errors to misdiagnosis to surgical mistakes, our lawyers can help you get compensation for the medical mistakes that made your condition worse or led to additional healthcare costs.

Auto Accidents

All kinds of vehicles are used on the streets of Pikesville and Maryland in general: cars, trucks, taxis, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, and more.  Anyone using one of these vehicles or walking on foot could be struck by a negligent driver, causing them substantial injuries.  Many of these injuries are even life-threatening or deadly.  Our lawyers help victims and the families of deceased auto accident victims get compensation for these accidents.

Truck Accidents

Among other auto accidents, truck accidents have especially complex rules and laws involved.  Many truck drivers are on the road as employees of large trucking companies, working for them and their interests while delivering cargo.  As such, the accident can often be considered the company’s fault, and you might be able to sue them instead of relying on the trucker to pay you for your damages.

Premises Liability Accidents

People injured on someone else’s property can usually seek compensation from the property owner or the tenant operating the property (e.g., a store renting a commercial space or a person renting an apartment).  Slip and fall or trip and fall injuries are some of the most common accidents that fall into this category, but our lawyers can also help you with falls from heights, electrocution injuries, structural collapses, drowning, fires, and other serious accidents and injuries.

Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies, it can be the most difficult time in your life.  Our attorneys can stand with you and help you get damages to help you and your family move forward while coping with your loss.

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