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Slip and fall accidents happen frequently in Pikesville and can occur anywhere. Although some might not view these accidents as severe, they can result in devastating injuries.

Accidents where someone slips and falls are frequent and often due to a property owner’s carelessness. Many of these types of injuries occur in places like restaurants and retail stores, where spills are common and might not be attended to before someone gets hurt. However, they can also occur in private residences or at a friend’s house. In any case, whoever is responsible for the area’s safety is accountable for any hazardous conditions that harm others on their property.

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Where Slip and Fall Accidents Commonly Happen in Pikesville, MD

Slip and fall accidents can happen in various public places, including bars, restaurants, and medical facilities. However, it is the responsibility of owners and businesses to ensure the safety of their visitors. Fortunately, our slip and fall lawyers can help you determine who is responsible for your damages regardless of where your accident occurred. Here are the most common places where slip and fall accidents occur in Pikesville:

Bars and Restaurants

The floors in bars and restaurants can become slippery from grease or food residue and uneven from wear and tear. It is important for these businesses to have regular procedures in place to identify and address these hazards to avoid potential lawsuits.

Medical Facilities

In medical buildings located in Pikesville, slip and fall incidents frequently happen due to the high volume of individuals present. Furthermore, the hallways are often congested with patients and equipment, and it is easy for hazards on the floor to go unnoticed. Many medical facilities have floors that are highly polished and made of vinyl tiles or linoleum, which can also contribute to slip and fall injuries. If a hospital does not take the necessary precautions to prevent potential hazards, such as posting adequate sign markers or maintaining a safe environment, they might be held accountable for any injuries sustained by visitors or patients.


Slip and fall accidents in Pikesville are often caused by stairs. These areas are particularly hazardous due to poor lighting, steep inclines, and high ledges that pose tripping hazards. Slippery materials like tile or marble on staircases can also cause injuries. If a property owner or business, such as an apartment building, does not address dangerous stairwell conditions or provide warning signs, they should be held responsible for compensating any victims who are injured as a result.


In Pikesville, slip and fall accidents on sidewalks are quite common. Rain can make the sidewalk slippery, while cracks can cause pedestrians to trip. Determining liability for these cases can be challenging. Generally, the business in front of which the sidewalk is located is responsible for maintaining the area. However, liability will vary based on the location of the fall on the sidewalk. If the slip and fall accident happened on a residential sidewalk in front of someone’s house, the homeowner, local government, or other agencies could be held liable. In some cases, multiple parties might need to be sued.

Construction Sites

Slip and fall accidents are also common occurrences at construction sites. Due to the bustling nature of these sites, multiple individuals might be working in various areas simultaneously. This can make it challenging to observe others walking through the site, particularly if they have limited vision due to hard hats or safety glasses. Additionally, uneven surfaces at construction sites make them even more hazardous during inclement weather.

Parking Lots

Slip and fall accidents can be a hazard in parking lots, as they can have debris, ice buildup, and inclement weather. In parking lots, slip and fall accidents are more common due to the tight spacing of parked cars. Typically, the business that owns the parking lot is responsible for ensuring its safety. However, if the accident occurred in a parking lot with multiple businesses, further investigation might be necessary.

Damages That Can Be Claimed in a Pikesville, MD Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Slip and fall accidents, though seemingly minor, can result in serious and enduring injuries. Torn muscles and ligaments are common outcomes of these accidents, often requiring extensive physical therapy and surgery for proper healing. If you experienced a slip and fall accident in Pikesville, you might be entitled to a substantial amount of compensation.

Compensation for financial damages caused by injuries can be claimed under the category of economic damages. These kinds of damages are aimed at compensating the victims for their financial losses. It generally covers medical expenses, lost wages due to missed work, and other expenses incurred due to injuries. Additionally, future losses such as lost earning potential or medical procedures might also be included in economic damages.

In slip and fall lawsuits, victims can seek compensation for non-economic damages, which are referred to as pain and suffering. These damages are meant to address the emotional distress that the victim experiences as a result of their injuries. Although it can be difficult to establish a precise value for non-economic damages, victims should still be able to recover them. When considering the profound impact that slip and fall injuries can have on a person’s life, including their activities and interests, non-economic damages can significantly increase the amount of compensation awarded in a successful lawsuit.

Evidence Used to Prove a Slip and Fall Case in Pikesville, MD

The evidence required to prove a slip and fall case varies based on the unique circumstances of the accident. Obtaining evidence can be difficult as it might be in the possession of an uncooperative party. For example, if the accident occurred in a convenience store, the owner might refuse to share any surveillance footage they have. Alternatively, if the accident occurred in an area of your apartment building that is monitored by security cameras, accessing that footage might also be a challenge.

If you were injured, we can investigate the place where the incident occurred and take pictures of the area. We can also contact witnesses who saw what happened and ask them to testify during your court hearing to support your case. Additionally, we can conduct further investigations to determine if there are other parties responsible for the location where you were injured and include them in your lawsuit.

Finally, your case will also rely on evidence from your personal records. Records that document your financial losses, such as medical bills and lost wages, will be used to establish the damages you have incurred due to your injury. All this evidence taken together will tell the story of how you were injured and who is responsible for it.

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