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What is The Average Settlement for a Herniated Disc in the Neck in Maryland?

A herniated disk is a disk that sits in between the vertebrae in the spine. A herniated disk consists of a nucleus that has a soft center and an annulus which is a rough and hard exterior. Herniated disks are caused by the nucleus pushing through the annulus, which causes the compression of the nerve. Herniated disks are common and some cases can be treated at home. If you or a loved one experience a herniated disk, your doctor will most likely allow you to go about your daily routine with light exercise and recommend that you purchase over-the-counter pain relievers. Treatment differs for each patient depending on the severity and symptoms of the herniated disk. Those who experience a great amount of pain and refuse to see a doctor will most likely experience nerve damage. If the nerve damage is extensive, you may lose the ability to feel sensations and have experienced a lack of bowel control. 

 Fortunately, the majority of herniated disk injuries can heal on their own. It may take time for symptoms to disappear, but following an at-home treatment plan is better than having to undergo spinal surgery. Only 10% of herniated disk injuries will require spinal surgery. Leg and arm weakness is a common symptom people experience after a car accident that causes a herniated disk or ignites a pre-existing condition. If you feel any kind of weakness in the body, contact your doctor immediately. Typically, surgery is not necessary, but patients who lose control of their bowel function, have difficulty walking or standing up, or experience severe pain that compromises their life may be eligible for spinal surgery. If you undergo surgery to relieve any of these symptoms, it is important to keep in mind that you will need to take time off of work which may increase your compensation. The pain and suffering that comes after the surgery will also be considered when calculating one’s compensation. 

Some people who experience a herniated disk will feel a small, but sharp pain when moving the neck or bending down. Others who have a severe herniated disk injury may experience debilitating symptoms that will drastically change their entire life. Each patient has different symptoms and is impacted by the injuries in a variety of ways. Herniated disks are common after a car accident as a large amount of pressure is placed on the spine due to the impact of the crash. 

If you seek professional help after experiencing symptoms of a herniated or bulging disc, you will most likely undergo an MRI test or CT scan. The MRI will be used to determine the exact location of the injury. The CT scan can be used to find any issues in the spinal canal. Your doctor may also test your reflexes after the scan to ensure that any other potential spinal injuries are ruled out. 

The average payout for a herniated disk in Maryland is between $80,000 to $150,000. If you or a loved one experiences a serious herniated disk injury or complications after receiving treatment, the average payout may double. There are three levels of treatment for a herniated disk that will be considered when calculating the potential payout for the suffering patient. The first form of treatment is physical therapy. Steroid treatment and injections are also common forms of treatment along with spinal surgery, which is intense and not as common. Contact a Maryland personal injury lawyer today. 

What if My Injury Was Pre-Existing?

If you have a pre-existing condition regarding a herniated disk, you may wonder how this will affect your claim. There are two types of pre-existing herniated disk injuries: those in which the patient had symptoms and received treatment in the past, and patients who did not experience pain or symptoms of a herniated disk until after the accident. If you experienced symptoms of a herniated disk before the accident, you will need a testimony from your doctor proving the symptoms and treatments. If your doctor is unable to provide testimony, you should reach out to a new doctor and explain any past symptoms and undergo scans and tests to prove that there was a pre-existing issue before the accident. Although one can take away your pain and injury, compensation can help. 

Herniated discs are common among older people as the disc becomes less flexible and more prone to tearing as one age. The main cause of a herniated disc is wear and tear on the spine. Discs in our spine and back wear over time and may become weak, which can cause neck and back pain. Herniated discs are also common after a car accident or any incident that caused one to experience whiplash. Herniated discs are more common in older men. Other common causes of a herniated disc include lifting heavy objects, inactive lifestyle, repetitive bending or twisting, being overweight, and standing and sitting in the same position for a while. 

Oftentimes, a car accident will ignite any pre-existing disk injuries or issues the driver had before the crash. This could potentially decrease the driver’s potential payout due to a pre-existing condition. Younger patients and drivers who endure a herniated disk from a car accident typically receive a greater payout because they are less likely to have degenerative issues. If you or a loved one are told that the symptoms of a herniated disk will be eternal, you may be able to receive a greater amount of compensation to make up for the losses and pain.  

It is impossible to find the exact value of your claim online. It is important to talk to your attorney about the potential payout. There are so many factors that go into the overall payout for one’s suffering. There are four factors that go into settlement amounts in Maryland. The first factor is jurisdiction, followed by the severity of the crash, the strength of objective injuries, and insurance companies. These factors will help your Baltimore personal injury attorney gauge a range in the amount of payout and compensation you may receive. 

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