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Every car crash is different—some involve multiple vehicles in chain-reaction accidents while others are simple fender benders. All types of car accidents cause stress, but one of the most frightening crashes is a head-on collision—when the front end of one motor vehicle slams directly into the front end of another. Often, both vehicles are moving, perhaps even at highway speeds. Not only is it terrifying to see another car or truck coming right at you, but an instant later, an accident may forever ruin your life.

At Rice, Murtha & Psoras in Baltimore, we have witnessed how extensively certain injuries resulting from head-on accidents can damage our clients’ lives. We know that innocent motorists often sustain catastrophic injuries in these crashes, and our office is here to help. Contact us to discuss your legal options today.

What Causes Head-On Crashes?

Negligent drivers cause many head-on collisions. Often, a negligent act will cause a driver to depart a lane, crossing over a double-yellow line and into the path of oncoming traffic. Acts that may cause this include:

  • Distracted driving, especially when looking away from the road (for example, to text).
  • Drunk driving, which often causes drivers to swerve. (Many times, drunk drivers also drive the wrong way on a road, which often leads to head-on crashes.)
  • Fatigued driving, because a driver can fall asleep at the wheel and lose control.
  • Speeding on turns, which can result in a driver losing control or skidding.

In some instances, neither driver involved in a collision bears responsibility— instead, a third party’s negligence caused the accident. Examples may include when:

  • Another driver improperly came into your lane, which caused you to swerve to avoid a collision, leading you to cross into oncoming traffic
  • Your steering or brakes suddenly failed and you lost control of your car
  • You hit a pothole or another dangerous road hazard that sent your car flying into oncoming traffic

Other drivers, auto manufacturers, and even government agencies may bear third party liability in head-on collisions.

Injuries from head-on collisions can threaten lives and result in devastating losses and lifelong impairments for victims. Those injured in these crashes must learn their legal rights as soon as possible.

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