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How to Protect Yourself from Dangerous Weather Accidents in Maryland with Defensive Driving

Driving is inherently dangerous even in the best of conditions. Roads could be dry, the sun could be shining, and you could still end up in a serious crash. the risks of an accident do increase substantially when weather conditions are less than ideal. Rain, snow, ice, and fog can all create slippery road surfaces and visibility problems. In such conditions, it is always safest to remember to engage in defensive driving behaviors.

The following are some defensive driving techniques that can help keep you safe in adverse weather conditions:

  • Slow down: High speeds and slick roads do not mix. Driving too fast can cause you to spin out, skid, slide, or be unable to stop if an obstacle presents itself. By slowing down, you can maintain greater control and stopping ability.
  • Give other drivers space: While you may know how much control you have over your vehicle, you can have little to no idea about the capabilities of other drivers. it is always best to steer as clear as possible from other cars in case they lose control. In addition, following too closely or “cutting off” another vehicle can be especially dangerous in adverse weather.
  • Pull over: Even the best drivers are no match for storms with ice, sleet, severe winds, or other particularly intense conditions. You should never be too stubborn or proud to refuse to pull over if the weather becomes dangerous. Recognize when you may have trouble maintaining control and pull over to take shelter and wait out the storm.
  • Stay home: If tornado warnings or severe winter storm warnings are communicated, it is best to cancel plans or activities and stay home if at all possible. Local officials will sometimes warn people to stay off the roads and you should try your best to heed such warnings.

You should always practice defensive driving in dangerous weather conditions and teach any young drivers in your household to do the same. Being on the road in their first storm will be stressful for new drivers and it can be even more frightening if they have not been taught how to drive defensively and safely. Consider taking a defensive driving class that can teach you how to take proper caution on the roads. Any accident in adverse weather has the potential to result in severe injuries.

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