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Railroad tracks are still one of the most efficient ways to transport freight and cargo across the country, and cities with big ports like Baltimore often have a lot of freight and passenger travel by rail. However, railroads can often lead to injuries for workers involved in the industry, train passengers, and occupants of cars driving across railroad tracks.

If you or a loved one was injured in a railroad accident in Baltimore or the surrounding areas, contact Rice, Murtha & Psoras today. Our Baltimore railroad accident injury lawyers represent victims of railroad accidents and fight to get them compensation for their injuries. For a free consultation, call our Baltimore attorneys today at (410) 694-7291.

Common Types of Railroad Accidents and Injuries

Railroad workers are at some of the highest levels of risk for injuries. Workers for local and regional railroads and shipping yards are often at risk for serious injuries if they work with moving trains, mechanical parts, and other railway and freight systems. Workers responsible for loading and offloading cargo can also be seriously injured in crane accidents or simple lifting and carrying accidents. Workers on passenger trains could also be injured by unruly passengers or safety issues with the equipment.

Railroads like Amtrak and other passenger railways are responsible for transporting hundreds of thousands of passengers each year. These passengers are also at risk for injury if there are equipment failures, positive train control (PTC) problems, or damage to the tracks. These passengers could also be injured in train stations and on platforms from slip and falls, falls onto the tracks, and other injuries from dangerous conditions on railroad property.

Drivers and passengers in vehicles could also face serious injuries or death if they are hit by a train. Equipment failure or problems with warning systems could result in an accident between a train and a car, especially if the car gets stuck on the tracks. Railroad tracks that are not maintained properly at railroad crossings could also contribute to car accidents – and accidents that happen on the tracks might put people and train operators/passengers at risk of hitting debris or cars left on the tracks.

If you or a loved one suffered any injuries involving railways, trains, or rail travel, contact an attorney right away. You may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party, and your attorney can help you determine whom to sue and how much to claim in your lawsuit.

Suing Railroads for Injuries and Accidents in Baltimore

If you suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one in an accident involving a railroad, you may be entitled to sue the railroad for compensation. Railroads are often large, multimillion-dollar companies, and they often carry liability insurance to cover a wide range of damages and problems their operation might cause. This generally means that railroads can afford to pay for damages if someone is injured using their services, working for them, or simply being near the railroad. However, to get compensation from the railroad, you must prove they were responsible for the harm you suffered.

To hold a railroad liable for injuries, you must show that they were “negligent” and that that negligence caused your injuries. Negligence is commonly defined as a lack of care or skill. In a legal sense, it means that someone failed to uphold a duty that they owed someone else. Many of these duties are put in place by statute or by other legal rulings and standards. Typically, these legal duties require the railroad companies to ensure that their equipment and operations are reasonably safe to help avoid injuries.

In the case of workers, there may be more specific safety requirements put in place by OSHA and other organizations, including the duty to train workers and provide them with safety equipment. Passengers may also be owed certain duties on the train or on platforms and in stations, such as the duty to clean up or warn of hidden dangers on railroad property to prevent injury.

If the railroad breached this duty by failing to act reasonably or violating state, local, or federal safety standards, you may be able to sue them for the injuries this breach of duty caused. If the injuries can be tied to the railroad company’s breach of duty, the victims should be able to claim compensation for any medical bills, lost wages, or other damages related to the accident.

Damages in a Railroad Injury Lawsuit in Baltimore

If you sue a railroad for injuries their negligence caused you, you can typically claim damages for any physical or financial harms stemming from the accident. In most cases, this means claiming three main areas of damages: medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In addition to these damages, you may be able to claim compensation for other harms – and if the accident killed a loved one, you can claim additional damages for their wrongful death.

Medical expenses in a lawsuit can include any medical care costs, including emergency treatment, surgeries, and ongoing care. Lost wages from an accident can involve damages from your recovery period as well as ongoing future damages for lost earning capacity. Damages for pain and suffering are broad and can include compensation for physical and mental suffering from an injury.

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